Hi, since you are here you must want to join the Dragon & Fantasy Art webring. It is very simple. There aren't a lot of rules or legal stuff to tell you, but the ones that are here are very important and can affect your standing or entry into the WebRing so I had better get them out of the way before we go any further:


1. Your site must have at least something to do with Fantasy or Sci-Fi art (art is considered to be visual and/or literary). If it doesn't, your site will not be added and the queue will automatically remove it after 4 weeks.

2. No porn or overtly violent, suggestive sites are going to be allowed. We are rated as a PG ring and we want to keep that rating. Some slightly suggestive paintings, drawings, or such (after all this is art) will be allowed but nothing you would not want your 12-13 year old to see. I feel very strongly about this as I wish to keep this ring completely accessible to our younger Netizens. If you have doubts about the type of material, please email the RingMaster (include the URL of the page you wished checked) and it will be checked as soon as possible.

NOTE: Any site already added to the ring that is found to have the above mentioned material included on it will be removed from the ring WITHOUT NOTIFICATION!

3. No bashing of dragons, fantasy, or sci-fi sites will be allowed. If you don't like these things, go away now!

4. The Dragon & Fantasy Art webring is NOT responsible for the information found on the members pages. If you see something in the ring you don't like, you can let us know and we will check it out. But the members of this ring are solely responsible for the content found at their individual sites.

5. We are starting this ring with the 1-click Rule as of 2/19/99. It is as follows: The ring graphic must be easily accessible within ONE mouse click of the page you listed as the main page in your submission. It isn't fair to those surfing the ring to have to LOOK for the ring graphic to move to the next site. Also make sure that you add the ring graphics to your site within 3 weeks. After 4 weeks it will automatically be removed from the queue and you will have to re-apply.


That wasn't too bad now was it! :) The next part is almost as easy as reading the rules. Just fill out the form below and hit the submit button to send it into the queue. If you have a browser that will not process forms you can send an email to the RingMaster and get your information for addition to the ring that way.

You will receive an email with the correct HTML code for the ring graphic already in it. All you have to do is cut and paste the code into your page. Make sure that if you use the code as is you place the ring graphics (available here) in the SAME directory as your HTML page file. Otherwise it will not work.
There is an alternate ring graphic offered below that is a graphic map image. Please remember that if you wish to use the graphic map image...you MUST take the HTML code off the page below. The code you receive in your email from the ring WILL NOT work on the graphic map image.

Access to some of the other utilities offered by the webring are below. If you need to edit your site info (email, url, etc...) after you are in the ring, please go to the EDIT page. If you wish to view an index of all the sites in the ring, click HERE. To return to this page at any time and use these utilities, just click on the center pic in the ring graphics that you place on your page.

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