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Spirit Heart is an original composition by Tom Williams III; 1997,
Dreamsharer Music Ltd. written exclusively in my honor and presented to me by
Sir Tom-my and Lady Judith of Williamsholler... please do not take.

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Hello, I am Running DeerWolf (RDW for short) and Welcome to my Site!

I am glad you stopped in to visit. I'm always in the process of learning about myself and in exploring the Wild Woman side of my nature and I find that as I enter into mid-life, many unresolved issues I've been hanging on to, come roaring to the surface. However, I also discovered that all I had to do was make a commitment to keep plugging away at them and the transition became easier.

This is called "The Croning Years". If I now have your attention and have managed to pique your curiosity and if you are interested in learning more about this exciting time in our lives, then just click on the logo below and check out "Crone~Wise Woman~Elder.

Crone~Wsise Woman~Elder
Crone~Wise Woman~Elder
Come... grow old with me!

As you surf through these pages I would like for you to think of the line from the movie, Forest Gump... "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get until you bite into it". Not only do I admit I'm a chocoholic... I believe in it. As you journey through my pages, you will notice that I am a woman with many diverse interests... Hmmmm... a box of chocolates??? 

Sketch By Ken

Sketch 1996, Ken Eslick, a friend
of my daughter's... Please do NOT take!

Under His Wings
As the Eagle must force her young from the nest,
to teach them how to fly.
So our Father must press us out of
routine to the things He'd have us try...

And just as the Eagle guards her own,
to insure their safety in flight.
Our Lord is near when we try our wings,
we're never out of His sight...

But should the eaglet begin to fall,
the Eagle swoops down from above.
To rescue its young and bear it up,
on wings of strength and love.

So how can we doubt that the Eagle's Creator,
the one who made us all,
Would fail to save and deliver us,
if we should start to fall?
--- B.J. Hoff

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