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USS Oakland CL-95
Main Mast Relocation and Dedication Update
This E-Mail is being sent to you to inform you of any information and updates regarding the Relocation and Dedication of the main mast of the light cruiser USS Oakland CL-95

My father (Walter Van Riper) is a plankowner of the USS Oakland. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at my E-Mail address at jvrhere@rsvl.net and I will attempt to answer your questions in a timely manner.

The main mast was erected at Middle on July 12, 2002. This property was the former Oakland Naval Supply Depot until the base was closed and the Port of Oakland took possession. The mast is in a location where you can look across the San Francisco Bay and see Hunters Point where the ship was built. You can see Treasure Island where many ofthe ship’s crewmen were trained. And you can also see the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge.

Several of us have been working with the Port of Oakland authorities, and we have scheduled the date of Thursday, July 17, 2003 as the date of the Mast Dedication. This date happens to also be the 60th Anniversary of the commissioning of the USS Oakland, so that date holds a special place in the hearts of many of her plankowners.

I have secured lodging facilities for those who are attending that are not living in the Bay Area. We will be staying at the Executive Inn Oakland, the same motel where many of us stayed when we attended the 50th anniversary of the ship’s decommissioning in July of 1999.This motel has 227 rooms and has a 3 Diamond AAA Rating, and it is located on the waterfront. The motel offers FREE shuttle service to and from the Oakland airport, and FREE shuttle service to and from Jack London Square where we will be meeting for the dedication festivities. I spoke with Ms. Sharon Martinez at the Executive Inn and scheduled our special group rates to be effective beginning July 16th through July 20th. The lodging information is as follows:

Motel: Executive Inn Oakland
1755 Embarcadero Dr.
Oakland, CA 94606
(510) 536-6633

Room Rate: $85.00 per night
Note: When calling to make your reservations, be sure to tell them that you are with group number “GR165U” to get that room rate. Otherwise, you will be charged the regular rate of $104.00

Check-in Time: 3:00 pm
Check-out Time: 12:00 noon

The Port of Oakland authorities are working on setting up a morning tour of the Port of Oakland and possibly a tour of the San Francisco Bay aboard the USS Potomac, formerly FDR’s Presidential Yacht. The Dedication Ceremonies would be held later that afternoon.I am attempting to get special group rates for those who wish to visit the USS Hornet Museum and the restored WWII liberty ship S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien on Friday, July 18th. These are just in the planning stage at this time, so nothing is set in stone just yet. I will send out updated information as I receive it, and I will notify Paul Henriott so he can add the information to the Mast Dedication page at URL: USS Oakland website at http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/

I would like to thank the following persons who have dedicated so much of their time, efforts and energies into putting this event together to honor the ship, the crew, and the families of the USS Oakland. We are looking forward to this being a valued and memorable event to all in attendance, and we are all looking forward to seeing you there. My special thanks to:

Paul Henriott – USS Oakland plankowner and webmaster
Mike Brock – Honorary crewmember
Celia McCarthy – Asst. Environmental Planner at the Port of Oakland

Respectfully Yours,

Jim Van Riper

Listed below are the names of those who have indicated that they would be in attendance:

Alphabetical list of those planning to be attending.

Names in bold are deceased.
Mr & Mrs Michael Brock, Honorary crewmember, from Oakland, California and their son Andre
Mr & Mrs Ciro Minnella from Arizona
Mr & Mrs Clifford Proctor from Michigan
CWO & Mrs Paul Henriott from Indiana
Mr & Mrs Mike Killoran s[Son of (Owen J. Killoran] North Dakota
Mr & Mrs Jerry Killoran [Son of (Owen J. Killoran] North Dakota
Mr & Mrs Walter Van Riper from California
Mr James Van Riper [Son of Walter Van Riper] from California

Our lady "O" can rest and enjoy the lovely view
that she has richly deserved in this new park.

I would like to be the first to thank,the Port Of Oakland for choosing this location for Main mast of USS OAKLAND CL-95 Was raised in its new home at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park on Friday, July 12, 2002

I would like to be the first to thank.the Port Of Oakland for choosing this location for the mainmast of USS OAKLAND CL-95.

What a befitting honor to bestowed upon her the setting and location are wonderful. The mainmast days of huckstering for Jack London Square are over and never will the mainmast to be land-locked again. At it's present location you can see Treasure Island where the new crew was trained to man the OAKLAND
The second best landmark on the west coast the Oakland-San Francisco Bay bridge. Then there is Hunter's Point Ship Yard where she was built which can be viewed in the distance. This move will make all the officers and crews of the USS OAKLAND CL/CLAA-95 very happy I am sure.

This was our first major award won 10 Febuary 1997
from The American War Library
From: Celia McCarthy cmccarth@portoakland.com
To: AT2EWELL@aol.com ; MEABROCK@aol.com ; mwvr@aol.com ; jvrhere@rsvl.net
Cc: Curshanda Cusseaux; Diann Castleberry; Lauren Eisele; Marilyn Sandifur; Midori; Tabata; Syrell Sapoznick

Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 10:49 AM

Subject: Dedication Date Confirmed

Jim, Walter, Mike, and Bob, Just a quick note to let you know that we have confirmed the date, July 17, 2003, or the dedication of the USS Oakland Mast in Middle Harbor Shoyou as plans for the event progress. We will be meeting internally in December to formulate a plan for the dedication, based on our discussion last week. We then plan to schedule a meeting for late January/early February to meet with you again. Will look forward to seeing you then.

Celia McCarthy
Environmental Planner
Port of Oakland

This award was given by Glenn Akiyama GA's Web Design of California.
Mr. Henriott, Once in a while, I come across a site that I feel deserves a special award. My reasons for creating and giving these awards varies, but I know it when I see it. The USS Oakland site is a special site that deserves a special award. So I have created a one-of-a-kind award just for you.

Our return to the
United States in October 1945

Photo taken from bridge of USS Oakland

Facts about my websites:

The first thing that I did when I went on line was a internet search for the USS Oakland and then all the other anti-aircraft cruisers. Well needless to say I had luck in my search. The only thing that I found was the war diary of the USS Juneau CL-52. That was when I decided to create a web page for the USS Oakland is located at this URL: http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/phenriot/ and the current home page is at URL


The next 2 months I did internet research and collecting all my old USS Oakland papers. The next thing I did was put all the names of the crew from the information that Alfred Greenway and I had, into the computer. When this was done, I checked each crew member's name in the online telephone book for their proper address and phone number. Then one thing lead to another and finally I created a roster of the crew for the website. On 18 October 1996 I uploaded my first home page of the USS Oakland to my internet service provider's server.

The USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852) web site officially went online 4 February. The orginal web site was designed by Ray Bales, GMC(SW), USN. When deployed I agreed to take it over and it on 13 June 1998. The USS Leonard F. Mason was the second ship that I served on during my 7 years of naval service.
Today this website has 36 webpages.

Memorials web site, which consisted of 2 web pages, officially went online 13 November 1997 It was created to honor those that gave their all and to others that touched my heart. The very first cruise was for our anti- aircraft cruiser sister ships, USS ATLANTA CL-51 AND USS JUNEAU CL-52, as a 55th Anniversary Memorial of their sinkings.
Today this website has 26 webpages.

The History web site, which consisted of 4 web pages of WWII history and 1 web page of ship's history went online 13 November 1997. Today this website has 40 webpages

Shipmates web site went online in 1998 which cover the obituaries of the shipmates, and photos and comments of crew members. Today this website has 41 webpages.

My Ancestors website officially went online January 22, 2000 which covermy deceased ancestors. I would like to thank my mother, Edna (Tabler) Henriott, for taking time to obtain the names of the relatives that appear in this document. It was very important to her to preserve the family history. I don't think she knew what she had at the time. A few years after my retirement I got the names and entered them into a computer. That was about 1990 and the data has been sitting idle ever since. I decided to place the information on the internet for the world to see and appreciate. By placing this information on the internet I should find more relatives from the United States and the rest of the world. Today this website has 3 webpages that many links to each of my ancestors. You will be surprised with what I found on the Internet. This will make my late mother very happy. Mother may you rest in peace. Amen

The Awards Website which covers the 295 plus awards that this website has won. I must say that there are a lot of wonderful awards from some very wonderful people from around the world. wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you.



Dear Lord Henriott

A fanfares of trumpets blare and from the oak-lined halls of the Renaissance the riders emerge, clad in red and gold and mounted upon ebony steeds. Through the vast realmsof cyberspace they ride, each to his appointed destination, where will kneel before a Lord chosen for invitation to the noble ranks from which they came.

"My Lord, so greatly have our Fair Ladies doted upon thee, and praised thy virtues so highly, that the other Lords of the Renaissance request thy presence "My Lord, so greatly have our Fair Ladies doted upon thee, and praised thy membership. Please accept this crest and the honor bestowed upon your deserving among them with an offering of the highest honor--that of a Renaissance Menbrow."

Yours in Brotherhood,
Jayson Gadreaux The Renaissance Men

Beverley Crowley (Deceased)
Member of the BrotherHood


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