Fifty years ago on this day, we joined our lives in marriage.

Gertrud Elsa Seifert
Paul Devon Henriott

Warrant Officer Junior Grade, U.S. Army

On Friday the sixth of May in the year nineteen hundred
and fifty five were united in marriage in a ceremony
held at 'The Roemer' Frankfurt, am Main, Germany.

The 'Roemer' has been the symbol of Frankfurt for more than 550 years now. Since 1612 the German emperors
after their election celebrated large banquets here.  Being rebuild after the war the 'Roemer' is used today for
festive occasions by the city and mayor of  Frankfurt. .....  'The Roemer' as it appears after 2004 restoration.

This is the gift that I created for my lovely bride of 50 years
on our anniversary day. She will enjoy it for the rest of her life.
Here are some of her favorite midis.


                The midi after the page loads will be playing and will automatically stop at end of midi.
                The first circle on the left with an arrow head is the start button.
                The 2nd circle on the left with a square in is the stop button.
                Before you can
make your next selection all midis must be stopped then push the start
                button 1 time to select and then 1 more time to play. All Song: Names will flash
                on/off every 3 seconds. Enjoy.

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