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Robert E. Hollingsworth
I would like to thank him for
the Company 39 photograph.

I am sorry to report that
Holly passed on December 5, 2008.

To locate an individual count
from bottom right corner up (U#)and then right (R#).

Example: As in Robert E. Hollingsworth U4 R6.

When touching up the damage I had trouble with the
recovery of the sailor's image at U1 R10. I need your
help with identifying our old shipmates in the photo.

Earnest R. Campas U5 R24 (deceased)

R. Angel Canalas U4 R 15 (deceased)

Paul Orshoski U4 R 5 (deceased)

John A. Fedorchak U3 R10 (deceased

Paul D. Henriott U2 R 3

Robert E. Hollingsworth U4 R6 (deceased)

Arthur or Berten Hoover U4 R 16 (deceased)

This is my Gunner's Mate years
5 January 1944 to 4 February 1950

50th Decommissioning Anniversary
And Memorial Roll Call Honoring
Our Deceased Shipmates 3 July 1999


Gilbert Islands operation Nov 20-23, 1943

Marshall Islands operation Jan 31-03, 1944

Bismarck Archipelago operation Apr 21-27 1944

Asiatic-Pacific raids Western 1944

New Guinea operations Apr 13-22, 1944

Marianas operation Western Jun 15- Jul 9 !944

First Battle of the Phillippine Sea Jun 19-21 1944

Caroline Islands operation Oct 15-21 1944

Leyte operation Oct-20 1944

Luzon operation Nov-Dec 1944

Second Battle of the Phillippine Sea Oct 24-26

Okinawa Gunto operation Apr 01-24 1944

Third Fleet operations against Japan

USS OAKLAND CL-95 was present at Tokyo Bay:
The Formal Surrender of the Empire of Japan.
on Board USS Missouri, 2 September 1945

The Formal Surrender of the Empire of Japan

Allied Ships Present in Toyko Bay

Picture taken in January 1945

Born in Louisville, to John and Edna Henriott on 26 August 1925.

Home town Rochester, Indiana. Attended Grade and High school in the Rochester

Entered the US Navy on 05 Jan, 1943 at Indianapolis, Indiana. The service number
assigned was USN 291-91-49.

Assigned to Company 39, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois for basic
CPO Green was the company commander. Departed March 1943 for Treasure Island,

Assigned to the USS OAKLAND pre-commissioning crew to receive additional training
received medical and dental checkups and any necessary work needed to make each
sailor in tip top shape. Departed 17 July 1943 to the USS Oakland.

Assigned to the First Division, Turret 2 as a Seaman 2C gunner's mate striker.
When we went into comissission, the main battery was called Turrets. I think all
the Turrets Chief Turret Captains assigned. In Turret 2 we had Chief Turret Captain
George Haines and Turret Captain First Class Joseph Estes. All Turret Captains
left the Oakland some time in March or April of 1944, then the main battery title
was changed from Turrets to Mounts. All of my service in the First Division was
served in Turret 2 and Mount 52, advancing from Gunners Mate Strikerto Mount
Captain. Later I was assigned to Fox Division and served in the armory. Served
aboard until March 1948, for total of 4 years and 8 months.

Served in USS Leonard Foster Mason, DD-852, a destroyer, until February 1950, for
a total of 1 year and 11 months. My duties in the MASON were Mount Captain of
Mount 51 in the First divison. Traveled to the Far East in both 1948 and 1949,
visiting China, Japan, and the Phillippines. In November 1949 while visiting
Shanghai, China, the Chinese Communists took over Shanghai. USS LEONARD F.
MASON (DD 852) anchored at the mouth of the Yangtze river for one month to
keep American shipping out.

Discharged from the U.S. Navy on 06 February 1950. Total period of service in the
US Navy was 7 years and 1 month and highest rate held was Gunners Mate 2 Class.


Master Gunner and Survey Officer
SERVICE 6 February 1950 to 31 January 1963

Discharged from the U.S. Navy on 4 February 1950 and enlisted in the U.S.
Army, with no loss of pay grade, on 6 February 1950 at San Diego, California.
The service number assigned was RA 19360393. Received Basic Training in the
4th Inf. Div. at Fort Ord, California. Departed May 1950.

Anti-aircraft Artillery Master Gunner Student and Instructor

Attended Master Gunners School at Fort Bliss, Texas at the Anti-aircraft
Artillery School. After graduating from the Master Gunner School was
then held over as survey instructor.

Promoted to Technical Sergeant January 1951.


Promoted to Survey Warrant Officer September 1951 and received third service
number W 2146334. Departed from Fort Bliss, Texas Oct. 1952 for Germany.

Corps of Engineers Surveying Officer

Assigned to the 332th Engineer Topographic Company, V Corps, in Frankfurt, Germany
as an Engineer Surveying Officer. Departed from Frankfurt, Germany September 1954.

Field Artillery Survey Officer

Assigned to the 529th Field Artillery Observation Bn.,
Corps, in Karlsruhe, Germany as a Field Artillery Survey Officer.

I married Gertrud E. Seifert in Frankfurt, Germany on 06 May 1955. This
was a very lovely occasion and I am very happy that I didn't miss it.


October 1955 advanced to Chief Warrant Officer. Departed from
Karlsruhe, Germany for the United States in November 1955.

Total service in Germany was 3 years.

Assigned as Field Artillery Survey Officer of Tech, Team, 2nd FA Millisle Gp.
A short time later assigned to the 247th Field Artillery Missile Bn., in Fort
Bliss, Texas, as Field Artillery Survey Officer. While in the 247th we fired
many German V1 and V2 missile. We had the honor of firing the last one of each
the classes. My parents were my guest when we fired a V2 at White Sands Missile
Range while they were visiting us. Gertrud attended a number of the V2 firings
and took lots of 35mm pictures.

Departed Fort Bliss, Texas, November 1957.

Was caught in the 1957 reduction of force act and had to revert back to my
permanent pay grade of sergeant. Assigned to Fort Carson, in Colorado Springs,
Colorado, awaiting orders to Hawaii, T.H. Departed Fort Carson December 1957
on leave and with orders to Hawaii aboard the luxury liner Matsonia.

25th Infantry Division"Tropic Lightning"

Assigned to the C Battery, 8th Field Artillery, 25th Infantry
Division in Schofield Barracks Hawaii, T.H. as Chief of Survey.

We moved from Hale'iwa into a new 3 bedroom quarters in Schofield
Barracks in an area near the golf course and north of the main parade filed.

Assigned to the 21st FA Bn as Chief of Survey. Later when the executive
officer took command of the new 13th FA Bn he had me transferred to his
new battalion.

Our first child was born Curt Henriott in Waialua, T.H. on 18 Nov 1958.

Our second child was born Desiree Henriott in the
state of Hawaii at Waialua, HI on 16 Aug 1960.

1 September 1960 promoted to Staff Sergeant E-6.
You might say a birthday and help pay for the twins present.

Departed from Schofield Barracks Hawaii, HI January 1961.
Served 3 years in Hawaii

Assigned to The Field Artillery Advance Training Center,
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, as Survey Instructor.

Our twin daughters, Romy Henriott and Bernadette Henriott,
were born in the US Army Hospital Fort Sill, OK on 09 January 1963.

On 31 January 1963 retired from the United States
Army with 20 years combined Navy and Army service.
Highest grade held was Chief Warrant Officer.

On 1 February 2013 was my 50th anniversary of US Army retirement.

Since 2004 Warrant Officers wear Officer insignia's.

Cap Device

Corps of Engineer
Branch Insignia

Warrant Officer Insignia's are used by Warrant Officer School Trainees.


Final military move was back to Rochester, Indiana.

Employed by The Torrington Manufacturing Company
in Rochester, IN. Departed with 9 years total service.

Employed by Controls Company of America in Winamac, IN.
It changed names a number of times. Retired months service.

Went on full retirement 01 September
1987 and enjoying every minute of it.

Gertrud and I are the grand parents of four grand children
(Twin boys died within one day of birth).

Our pride and joy, the first great grand child was born in 2007.

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