to a state champion

Alisha Ewing
on winning the

State 2000
Track and Field
High Jump Event

You are the first female to win 
an individual state title for 
Rochester High School.
The official result was 5-8 1/4 a new Rochester High School high jump record 
and good enough to win the Indiana state championship. Alisha was the second individual to ever bring home a state title in the schools history. She is the first
young lady from Rochester High School to win a state title. 

Living near Rochester high school I was a constant observer of the track and
field training activities. The athlete's and their coaches worked hard and at 
different times of the day and evening. Coach Brad Smith would even work on 
the week-end if an athlete needed and wanted extra instruction. Due to the hard 
work and conditioning their program was a huge success.

Alisha, on Thursday evening I wished you the very best while you were 
practicing and I was walking on the track. I sure hope that it had something in 
your winning the championship.

I wish you the very best in the years ahead and God Bless.

Paul D. Henriott
CWO, US ARMY Retired

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Thanks to The Rochester Sentinel for use of some of their material.


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