"A Light Unto The Web" is a tough award to get and an honor to have.

Not to know is bad, 
Not to want is worse, 
Not to hope is unthinkable, 
Not to dare is unforgivable. 

Assurance Agency® is a company dedicated to the next generation of the Internet. 

That is why we developed our award. To recognize those who are using the Internet to "sell" their ideas whether it be for profit or because of conviction. 

The Criteria For Our Award Is As Follows:

Assurance Agency contends that three minutes is all you have to impress a person on the net. If you can keep them in your site for longer than three minutes there is a good chance they are interested in what you are offering. That is why we made the award called "A Light Unto The Web"

Load Time

Navigation, is it a exercise in futility?

Content is very important

Effective use of graphics and each graphic must have a purpose

The "flow" or layout of your site

The site must be in English

MOST IMPORTANT, the judges must like the site