Twice a month the exclusive "Circle of Light" award will be given to a site that is innovative, peaceful, informative, spiritual, entertaining or just fun. A site that receives this award has my inner-most recommendation. I personally critique every site throughly for the quality of its service(s) and/or product(s) or content.


I went and visited your site and YES I would be honored for you and your site to receive my award. I do choose a recipient twice a month. So I am going to list you as recipient of the award for June 15th.

Paul, I want to share with you that I am an Army brat - both father (Col) and mother (1st Lt). My mom was in the med corp and dad in the 5th Calvary. He was wounded in Italy in WWII, lost the lower left arm and took shrapple metal in the stomach. He met my mom in the VA hospital in San Antonio, Tx, which is where I was conceived though was born on Ft. Custer in Battle Creek, MI in Percy Jones Hospital (another VA hospital) Thus I tell everybody I am both Yankee and Rebel. Then I married the XO of the Navy Seal Team I, but lost him in Viet Nam back in 71. I do have a great daughter from him that was born 4 mths after we lost him. She is now in Colorado Springs, CO as of last Feb.

Okay, enough. Thank you so much for requesting the award. I am deeply honored to be associated with you and your site. 

Blessings to you.

Light, Cassandra