Retired 9/10/98

I have seen many beautiful pages, and there are many many awards out there for all of them, I wanted to create an award for the pages that not only have creativity but ones that reach out and help other' to them.. I offered the Hopes's Gold award. The Hope's Gold Award is now in retirement as of Sept,10.1998. It has been given the honor of resting at USS OAKLAND CL/CLAA-95 

Dear Paul, 

I am not one of many words. But as I looked over your site it brought back many emotions that had long sense been buried. Not only has your site touched my heart but my soul as well. You Sir will be the last recipient to receive the Hopes Gold Award. It is now in retirement. I do this in honor of and in memory of all who fought and gave their lives for us. So in memory of my father, on behalf of my children, and my country, for what it once and will again stand for.. you have my deepest respect . We proudly and humbly salute you.


In order to recive the Beauty of the Net award 
you site must have graphic's that you alone 
have created. .and bring beauty into someone life..

For the Watcher of the Woods award.. 
your site must be one of insight..helpfulness..
not only for others.. but one that reflects..
and enhances growth and awareness
for all people,animals and earth..

Paul, Please accept the Watcher of the Woods your page does indeed..protect and watch over so many..My thanks to you for putting up such
a wonderful site..for all of us..Hope 

Much love and prayers Hope