The Our LeMay "A History Pick Award" Cannot Be
 Applied For, But Is Selected By The Webmaster For
 a worthy pick of a Genealogical/Historical Website.
    Our Official Recommendation For A Website.

The Our LeMay "Fighting Forces Award" Can Be
Applied For, It is selected to websites who
 memorialize and represnt content of their ancestors
 who fought in wars and or who served in the armed forces.

The Our LeMay "Family Historian Award" Can Be
 Applied For, It is selected to websites who represent
 excellent genealogical content in all categories to be
proclaimed a family historian.


What an honor it was to visit such a dedicated website of Honoring both your ancestors and your service to our great country. I hereby bestow upon you my Fighting Forces Award, History Pick Honor, and my Family Historian Award. All awarded at no easy task, you well deserve it. You honor both your family and fellow servicemen and our country in the utmost highest respect.


Raymond LeMay III

Our LeMay

The LeMay's Of Upstate New York