Hello Paul,

Congratulations, We are proud to present you with the Monolithic Achievement Award. Your site is something you should be proud of. We truly enjoyed reviewing your site. Although we found items that normally keep us from giving out our award, you, and your site, truly deserve the award. As you may know, most "Award" sites will simply give out their awards as a way to get more "web exposure" and they really don't care about you or your site. Monolithic Concepts is not like that. When someone asks for one of our awards we assume that person wants an honest opinion. We do our very best to provide Helpful opinions about the sites we review. We leave our "personal" opinions at home during the review process and offer the information contained herein as a means to help you improve the overall quality of your site. We know how time consuming and boring HTML editing can be at times and we realize how much work you have put into your site. We hope you have much success in you endeavors, keep up the great work.

We have had a little over 300 sites apply for our award, and we have given out only 13, yes, only 13, counting your site. Only two people got upset with us so far, for rejecting thier site, but as you saw in your site review, we send all the info they need to get thier site up to our standards. There are three judges that we use to review sites, I am the head judge. I have the final say on reviews. 

On behalf of the staff here at Monolithic Concepts and myself, I would like to say "Thank you, for helping keep our country safe and free. You are a HERO to us!"