Hi just visited your wonderful site , very impressed , its very well well designed
and with great honourable content. Its very navigable and with great backgrounds and good color coordination I would like to offer you the Golden Horizon Award for homepage excellance and would be proud to list your site as a winner of the award. Please link it to http://www.goldenwebdesign.com/corner.html

Congratulations Paul



Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000
To: phenriott@rtcol.com
From: Paul Frenette <pfrenet@nb.aibn.com>
Subject: Awards

Hi Paul first of all thank you for the award , proud to display it, and I do now remember visiting your site , I remember it a bit different but I remember the wonderful content. And I enjoyed some more wonderful time on your geneology site, very well done. It sure deserves an award , please to offer it to you. I live
in Eastern Canada where this time of the year its usually snowing and very cold,
well we have been having wonderful weather its been about 50 degrees the last
4 days and all our snow is gone I am starting to think about gardening even if
its still 3 months away *s* Love the spring.

Have a great day ... Paul