I do not give the awards to everyone, as the person that receives either award must meet and supercede the loving and caring toward other individuals that is truly hard to find. This person does not necessarily have to have a web page. Peace be with you. PRINCESS White Haired Child Kindness and giving is the light that shines from our dim prisms within. Emotions that rattles the whispers of clouds moving from one heart to another. A suppressed fire that exists in the love of hope and despair trembling soft within our chest.

The sigh of our soul, the falling of our tears, a glance of our eyes seeking truth. These gifts are near when we give of ourselves knowing what we offer are but simple utters that reach higher than we will ever see. Angels tread veils of native air singing their songs rejoicing our spirit of love seeking sweet love to be.

Together, we all join in the spirit of giving remembering this person is special. Sarah Picklesimer Wilson, 1997.