Well hello there!! 

God Bless your sweet heart!!Your website is WONDERFUL!!you know, my 
Dad was flying for the Navy in 1946...two years before I was born...he was in Korea and all over the place..I still have his flight logs..he retired 30 years in 1953..he was one of the first 6 navy pilots they ever had:) I have pixs of him in that old plane I get right tickled looking at them..and have thought very much
about building a site in his honor ...OH he loved the Navy ..loved it so when he retired he never was the same..was just was his life...He passed away
when I was 17 in 1966...I still miss him...but I was raised a military brat and 
loved it!!! Anyway, I have gotten off track here..Id like to send you my Superior award for your wonderful site...and say to you did a wonderful job
you should be very very made a mark and a wonderful contribution 
to the world wide web God Bless you!