Every once in awhile some Special Pages come along that need to have a Special Award made just for them Here are those Special People Please Visit These GREAT Pages!! 

WOW!! great page(s).. I think I appreciate this more than normal. My son is in the Navy and has been on some of the cruisers.. don't ask me which ones can't remember.. he is going to be going to Baharain in December with his family for 2 years.. where his job will be programming the Cruise Missles to send where needed.. His regular job is IS speclist.. he is a Chief Petty Officer and has been in the Navy since 1984.. So I truly love your site.. Great Job.. I am sending him your URL so he can look at it also.. 

NOW as for you and your site...... I promised you a Special Award and You have made the Special Awards List... Here is the Award that I just made for you I hope you like it.. It is from a badge that my Son received for his work in the Missiles sent to Afkanistan and Pakistan just recently.. I felt it would fit with your Crusier Class and it says NAVY on the Wings.. I hope you like it.. You sweet talker you!! Your friend Sue

From: "SpiritWolf" <sujensen@wilmington.net>
To: <phenriott@rtcol.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 

Congratulations... Here is your Genealogy Spirit Award.. You have done a great 
job with your pages.. it shows that you care how your work comes across..

I can appreciate the work that goes into Gengealogy.. Have been working on my 
family for 3 years now.. and am about to publish my Family history Book for 
them .. Sue