World Web Award of Excellence

I would like to take this time to personally congratulate you for having won the  "World Web Award of Excellence", and to make sure that you have received the  award image by email. If you did not receive the image by email, please click on  the following link where you can pick up the award image. Each day we receive hundreds of  submissions for our web award. Approximately three out of every ten sites win  our web award, so you are in a very small group or outstanding web designers. It  is always refreshing to visit a site as well done as yours keep up the good work.

You have obviously worked very hard. Investing your time, and skills into
making a great web site. Now let everybody know of your achievement by proudly displaying a personalized certificate at your home, business, or office,
for your clients, colleagues and friends to admire.

Wishing you continued success,
Lynn Watters Co-Chair Art Space Awards Department