I am sorry to report that Holly passed on December 5, 2008.

I would like to thank Robert E Hollingsworth for the Company 39 photograph.
When touching up the damage and old age to the photograph.
I had trouble with the recovery of the sailor's image at U1 R10.
I need your help with identifying our old shipmates in the photo.

To locate individual count from bottom right corner up (U#) and then right (R#).
Example: As in Robert E. Hollingsworth U4 R6.

Earnest R. Campas U5 R24 (deceased)
R. Angel Canalas U4 R 15 (deceased)
Paul Orshoski U4 R 5 (deceased)
John A. Fedorchak U3 R10 (deceased)
Paul D. Henriott U2 R 3
Robert E. Hollingsworth U4 R6 (deceased)
Arthur or Berten Hoover U4 R 16 (deceased)

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