July 17 2013 will be the 70th anniversary
of the commisoning of USS OAKLAND (CL-95)

The ship's organ and chaplain Woodall which had been lost after the decommissioning have been recovered. Thanks Dr. William Green please read on.

The only way that I find out information about USS Oakland and my former shipmates is through their children, their friends or from friends of the Internet and I thank all of them. Here is a fine example of what can happen from a gentleman seeking information about a little organ and our first Chaplain, LT. Isadore O. Woodall. If he hadn't sent me the e-mail this webpage would not have been created. The true historical facts may never be uncovered but we shall try our best to do so.

It started with this e-mail sent to me:
Bill Green[mailto:BGreen@PPHM.WTAMU.EDU]
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 12:25 PM
Subject: Isadore O. Woodall

Dear Mr.Henriott:
I was doing some research about a man named Isadore O. Woodall and found an Isadore O. Woodall on your list of officers and crew of the USS Oakland. I believe this probably is the same Isidore (or Isadore) Ormand Woodall who served as minister of a Presbyterian church in Amarillo,Texas from 1965-1969. Afterwards, he moved to Santa Fe,New Mexico where he died in February 1985. We have a portable pump organ that belonged to him during World War II during which he supposedly served as a chaplain. Do you know of the man on the USS Oakland was a chaplain? I know very little about the man who owned the organ. According to census records and the Social Security Index, we] believe he was born in Alabama on February 1, 1904 to Isidore and Fannie Woodall. By 1910, they had moved to Hill County,Texas. The family still lived in Hill County in 1920. By 1930, Isidore (age 26) had married and he and his wife Marie (age 25) lived in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. They had a son named Sherrill Ormand Woodall who was born July 9, 1925 and died March 1, 1991 at Albuquerque, Bernillo County,New Mexico. I do not know if Sherrill had any children.

Please let me know if this information matches whatever information you might have. We want to learn more about Mr. Woodall. I plan to use the organ in an exhibit this fall.

William Elton Green, Ph. D.
Curator of History
Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
Canyon, Texas

The ship's image was sent to me by Donald Stewart.

The memorial graphic was created by Julie Andersen, I updated it in 1999 by adding one name.

I dedicate this memorial to
And to her heroes,
The deceased officers and sailors

May they rest in Eternal Peace
for which they defended for all of us.

And especially to all of our deceased
shipmates known and unknown to us.

Each year the deceased roster gets longer and the unknown
roster stays the same unless relatives tell us of a death.

Sooner or later there will only be the deceased
and unkown rosters remaining.

It is too bad that there can't be only one
deceased roster and no unknown roster.

Then our deceased shipmates can be
honored properly, as one complete crew again.

May they rest in Eternal Peace
for which they defended for all of us.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | V | W | Y | Z |

Fred William Aasa SSML3c
Cecil Clay Abbott LT(jg) PO
Carmine Agnello S1c PO
Durwood Calvin Anderson S1c
CWO Ray B Andresen USN Ret PO
Alfred Walter Ankudowicz S1c PO
WTC George R Archibald USN Ret PO
Robert Ross Armstrong S1c
Dennis D Arnes EM3
Melvin L. Arnes FN1
Ralph L ArthurJr SF3c PO
L Douglas Atherton LT MC

Alfred S Baker
James T Baker EM3c PO
SKC H. S. Banks USN Ret
Robert Barnard Jr TM3c PO
George Baritis S1c PO
Francis Barnatchez S2c
George Anthony Bartkus SSMT3c
Albert James Beierle S1c PO
Lawrence Bell S1c PO
Thomas H Bell Jr MM1c PO
Joseph Belley Jr WT3c PO
John H Benda LT PO
Paul Frank Bentele S1c PO
Edward Paul Bentlyewski S2c
Kalvin Berger S2c
Joseph E Berthelot SA
Richard Beynon
Virgil F Bircher FC3
MauriceHenry Boland S1c PO
Joseph L Booten S2c
Harold V Bornschlegel S1c
Robert H Boulton, SM1c PO
Charles William Bowen F2c
Richard Lee Bowman S2c PO
Val A Bradshaw SCB2c PO
Calvin Leroy Briscoe RdM3c PO
Enrico T Bruschi Sr SN
Lloyd G Buerkens EM1c PO
EMC John Burch USN Ret PO
Frederick A Burgess RT2c PO
Wardell O Bush S1c PO

John Cackoski
RADM Allen P Calvert USN Ret
Cristobal A Campas S2c
Royce Talbert Campbell EM3c
Thomas Luther Campbell EM2c PO
Earnest Ramirez Campos S2c
George A. Caprioli RD2
Kenneth Paul Carbo FC3c PO
William Carroll S2c
Milo Casey
CAPT Thomas J Casey USN Ret
Aneillo S Cerreto Y1c
CDR Jay V Chase PO
Oscar Howard Clapper S2c
Clifford E Clark
Joseph P Clemente RM3c PO
GlenV Coffelt MMC PO
John Raymond Coffey
William G Comley
Norvin Ray Conway S1c PO
Robert L Cornwall S1c PO
Dean Patrick Cotey GM3c PO
Alvin York Coxey MM3c PO
William Crawford LT(jg) PO
T Creed TE
Patrick Cullen LT(jg)

John Francis Davis S1c PO
Loyd Earnest Davis GM2c PO
Lawrence C Day LCDR MD
WO Willard R Deaton USN Ret PO
David De Huff ENS
Albert J Decorrevont S2c
Norman F Delisle GM2 PO
Janvier Walter
Dellinger Cox PO
Robert Edward Denega QM3c PO
Kenneth L Dominique Y3c
Jim Doty Jr Cox PO
Benny Dugay
LCDR Kenneth Dunlop USN Ret
Joseph DuquayS2c

Michael P Eckis
Raymond F Eichenberg S1c PO
Carol F Erickson

Joseph Anthony Falson Cox PO
John A Fedorchak Y3c PO
Morris George Fields Ensign
Raymond Ference MM3c PO
James Russell Ferris S2c PO
Francis Joseph Ferrucci S1c PO
Glenn E Fetterolf SSMB3c
William David Fisher GM2c PO
BMC Peter Focht USN Ret PO
Michael Fostak MMC PO
Richard Paul Fowler S1c PO
WTC George A Frajman USN, Ret
George E Freeman S1c PO

L. J. Gay
Jean W Gette EM2c PO
Jack J Gobac WT2c PO
Fortino B Godinez Jr HM2
Roger William Goforth LT(jg) PO
Irby Raymond Goss Sc2c
Leo Elmer Grattan Jr LT PO
John Henry Grey S2c
Don Howard Griffin S1c PO
LT John R Griffin USN RET
J B Guest MM1c
Percy L Gussler Jr S1c

Wray Hammer
Orville Elphon Hanson MM3c PO
Daniel J Hara WT3c PO
CAPT Ward F Hardman USN Ret PO
CDR Walter V Harlin USN Ret
Milton Charles Harris S1c PO
Richard Hartshorne Jr.
Lawrence Earl Hawkins S3c
Thomas Spurgeon Hayes Cox PO
Walter B Heatherly Jr S1c PO
Virgil Harmon Henderson GM3c
Jack R Hiday GM3c PO PH SGT USA (KIA)
William John Hoare Jr WT2c
Harris Lenard Hofer S1c PO
Russell T Hoffman F1c
Billy J Hoffsetz AS1c USN Ret
Howard Wayne Holdefer S1c PO
Loyd C Holder RM2c PO
Robert Eldon Hollingsworth S1c PO
Frank A Holmgren GM3c PO
Robert J (Bud) Hoskins PO
Wiston Richardson Hull ENS

Virgil Elvin Inge SC3c PO

Felix J Janis
Stephen F Jensen LCDR DDS
James W Jerdon
Claude Ellis Johnson GM3c PO
Marvin B Jones BM1c PO
Daniel Thomas Justice GM2c PO

Karl Eugene Kaellner SCB2c PO
Phillip Kaiser
Louie C Karolyi SN
Arlon Weldon Kellum RM3
Dallas E Kellum
William Louis Kelly EM2c PO
Owen J Killoran SF2c PO
Ivan Martin Kirkpatrick CSC PO
Frederick Robert Kirschman MM3c PO
CDR Vinton W Knechtges USN Ret
Carl Worthy Kunish S1c PO
Rodman P Kypke LT SC

Roy Richard Lacey Jr S1c PO
Frank C Lamont RT3c PO
Charles H Lance
RADM Justin Langille USN Ret
Joseph La Rosa SK3c PO
Kenneth E Lewis GM3c PO
Talmage H Lewis
W Ben Lilly BM2c PO
QMC Thomas T Lockman USN Ret
Arthur Joseph Losleben RT2c PO
Robert John Love FC2c PO
Edgar Jerome Lowary EM2c
William Leyoyd Lowe S2c
Robert H Ludlow
MMC Earnest C Lumpkin USN Ret PO
Winfield Fredrick Lutz S1c PO

Walter Stanley Malik SC2c PO
Harry B Marcum LT
CAPT George L Martin ChC USN Ret

RADM Hugh J Martin USN Ret
Cecil L Marshall S1c PO
ETC H. L. Masden USN Ret PO
James W Mathis SA
Victor G Matusek LT PO
RADM Eugene F May USN Ret PO
Warren Carl Mayer F1c PO
Warren Leonard Mayer RM2c PO
Timothy F Mc Carthy WT3c
Jack Wilson Mc Coy RM3c PO
Robert Earl Mc Cracen F1c PO
Bertram W Mc Fadden RT1c PO
Donald Jr Mc Hugh
Billy Cloud Mc Mahon F2c PO
Ralph L Meadows MM1c PO
Maurice Charles Metz FC3c PO
Nick Milkovich
John A Miller
Leonard Miller SA
Jay Lester Minnick BM1c PO
John J Mitny Jr GM2c PO
Ferdinand Otto Mittag GM2c PO
Jack E Moffitt F1c
James John Morgan S1c PO
Junior W Morgan FC3
James Benjamin Morris MM3c PO
Rocky Moshell
Robert L Muench
William Curtis Mulligan

CAPT John L Neff USN Ret
Robert Frank Nepil LT (jg) PO
William S Nerosius F1c
Harlow E Newman S1c PO
Charles L Noel
WTC Stephen Nyers USN Ret

Lawrence Jay O'Neill S1c PO
Wallace James Oberlender S1c PO
Clarence I Olmsted S1c PO
Walter F Oltmann Jr F1c
RADM John N Opie USN Ret
Paul Orshoski Sr
L L Ostrander GM2c

Charlie William Pacheco SM2c PO
Norman Lester Parvin PhM3c PO
RADM Alex M Patterson USN Ret PO
John James Pelllowski S1c
Shepard F Perrin
Thomas Petro Jr GM3c PO
William Richard Phelan WT3c PO
ADM William K Phillips USN Ret PO
WO Martin Pike Jr PO
Ralph Pinckard
Harry E Piotrowski GM2c
Wilbur A Pitcher
Henry Mansfield Plaster USN Ret PO
Henry W Plate
Charles Lee Pritchett GM2c PO
Clifford E Proctor BM3c PO
Joseph O Pronovost FC2c PO
Peter P Pruchnik GM2c PO
Raymond M Putnam PhM2c PO
John M Pursley SA

Willard O Quigley FC3c PO
Tony N Quijano S2c
Daniel D Quinn

Capt Robert W Radcliffe ChC USN Ret
Jesse Rangel Sr F1c
Wilford Harold Rash S1c PO
RADM Kendall S Reed USN Ret
Earl T. Reichter S1c PO
Walter Philip Reuland CDR PO
George William Ringenberg LT(jg)
Richard Leroy Ritz S1c
Charles R Robinson S1c PO
Jim F Rupp AerM1c
Winifred W Russell

William H Saathoff
Louis Sackman BMMC USN Ret PO
Harold F Samples S1c PO
Melvin Joseph Sandbo GM3c
Stephen Joseph Sandwell F1c
Reed Saunders FA (Explosion 1949)
Wes Sanunders Norman D Schaaf SK2c PO
George A Schlamersdorf LT(jg)
Harold M Schmid
Arthur Joseph Schulmeyer S1c
Howard Eugene Schultz S2c PO
Marvin Earl Schultz MM2c PO
Charles Secallus GM3c PO
William Richard Segraves GM3c PO
James M Selig LT(jg)
Harold Vincent Shananhan S1c PO
Jonathan C Sharp FC3c
Harry L Sheldon LT(jg) PO
CDR Lawrence E Sheller USN Ret
Richard James Sherry S1c PO
Clarence Clifton Shurling S1c
Joseph E Sigelnski
Al Singleton
Frank J Siwajeck F1c
Marvin C Skinner S2c
Bonnie W Smith S2c
Clarence Edward Smith S1c PO
Edward Wayne Smith F3c PO
Floyd H Smith MM3c PO
Fred H Smith MM3c
Peter Sam Smith S1c
Henry Joseph Smolarek GM3c PO
Charles David Spaulding S1c PO
Joseph R Spoto SF1c PO
W. Thaxton Springfield LT Chaplain
John August Staads PhMC PO
LT Vito Stanley USN Ret GM3C
Edward F Steinbauer WT2c PO
Robert Joseph Steiskal S1c PO
James R Stephens SK3c 43-45
Carl Stopher
Paul D Spradlin SM3cPO
Calvin John Strombeck S1c PO
Thomas Mcgill Stroud S1c
Fred Leroy Stute S1c PO
Roy Swaski EM2
Forrest M Sweet
Albert Szaley Fc3c PO
Stanislaus Stephen Sztuka MM1c

James Tacinelli Jr S1c PO
Leo Tallant S1c
Talmadge (Tom) Lewis
Thomas J Talty QM1
Phil Tangredi Emmett Carl Tapley PhM1c PO
William Joseph Tardy Jr S1c PO
Clifford William Thorburn S1c PO
Herbert Dewayne Thorpe S1c PO
Michael John Tomc MM2c PO
Noel Totten CM3c PO
Claude Curtis Trahan WT2c PO
Meres Junior Tucker F1c PO
Charles Tufts LT(jg)

Luverne E Van Nieuwenhuise LT USN Ret
Joseph S Velardi F1c (Lost At Sea) PO
Charles C Varbero S1c PO
Richard B Vivers WT3c
John H Von Rhine

John W Waldron
Edward K. Walker
George E Walker
William A Walker S1c (KIA) PO
Wentworth C Wall S1c (KIA) PO
Merlyn Walp
Leland Junior Watts S1c PO
George B Wells F1c
William C Wendt SK1c PO
Ralph K Wemer Cox PO
Floyd West S1c PO
William Laville Whitwell S1c PO
William R Williams S1c PO
Richard Edward Williamson
Dorr Clinton Wilson RTC PO
Grady Burns Wilson F1c
Ralph O Wilson Jr
Ervin William Wimmer
Frank Withnell S1c PO
Raymond E Wolfe FC3c PO
Wilmer Jerome Wolf LT(jg) PO
Isadore O Woodall Chaplain LT PO
Charles R Woodward SK1 USN Ret PO
Haywood Milbert Wright Cox
Thomas Carnell Wright S1c
Wally Wynslovic

Luverne E Van Nieuwenhuise LT USN Ret
Joseph S Velardi F1c (Lost At Sea) PO
Charles C Varbero S1c PO
Richard B Vivers WT3c
John H Von Rhine

Michael Anthony Zaino S1c
Joseph John Zbikowski S1c
Kurt Herbert Ziemer CMC

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