Please read this information
I had to do something, I was getting about 150 trash e-mail per day.
There is also virus trouble all of the time.
In the past six days I have found about 18 bugs with the virus scanner.
It is always that one that gets through that makes you so happy.

So that the Internet search spiders don't get your e-mail address.
I have changed all the addresses as follows:
The real address is:
I have deleted the @ and replaced it with (space)at(space)

The address reads phenriott at
To get the real e-mail address just 
delete the (space)at(space) and replace it with a @
then it is back like it should be:
If you place the cursor over any e-mail address below it will show the correct address. 
This will be placed in your e-mail program if it is setup correctly.


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Deceased are marked in black bold print
the relatives would like to hear from you.

Allard, Sherwood George (Daughter)Katherine Allard kallard at
Almquist, Robert (Daughter-in-law) Sarah Almquist simsam at

Baritis George (Son) Michael Baritis MBABNY at
Bates, Kenneth QM3c (Son) Mark Bates veraken2000 at
Batts, D. L. battscave at
Berger, Kalvin (Son) Andy Berger Headoc at
Bedessem, Bob  rbedessem at
Benjamin, Robert bchbum14 at
Bentele, Doris dorisbentele at (Daughter) LaVonne Godin nonnieb at uslink net
Bergth, Art abgergndmn at
Bernthal, Robert (Daughter) Laurie Naperski lnaperski at
Breining, Albert cabolobo at
Brock, Michael (Honorary member) meabrock at
Bruschi SR, Enrico T (Son) Enrico Bruschi PSU1ETB at
Burch, John H. (Niece) Virginia A. Reed Virginia.A.Reed at Dartmouth.EDU

Caissie, Gilbert gcaissie at
Carroll, William (Son) Gregg Carroll Gregg.Carroll
Causseaux, Anthony tcso at
Cerreto, Aneillo S (Son) Cerreto, Thomas TCERRETO at
Clevidence, Maynard H (Son) Clevidence Steven H clev at
Patrick Cullen LT(jg) (Daughter) Margaret_Cullen-Nieto at
Cummingham, Edgar A ecunningham at

Darnell, Don DonAndAnnaBelle at
Henry Dubay milha at

Falson, Joseph Anthony (Grand-Daughter) Jeanne Sabo jsabo at
Fedorchak, John NICKNAMSNIPPY613 at
Ference, Ray (Daughter) Laura Telling lftelling at
FitzPatrick, Francis (Daughter)Echevarria, Tara tara.e at
Freeman, George E (Daughter) Georgina Smith

Gahr, Louis & Regina  rgahr at
Gauthier, Shawn thegauthiers at
Grey, John Henry (Daughter) Maggie Williams mwilliams2 at

Hall, Edward E (Grandson)Cody Wright codywright496 at
Hammer, Wray M (Daughter) Elizabeth Hammer Maj MP USAR lawman11 at
Hartshorne, Richard yasumirh at
Hawkins, Lawrence (Niece) Denise Hawkins denise at
Heatherly Jr, Walter B. (Daugther) Tricia Seubert tseubert at (Daugther)blackiebrow at
Henriott,Paul phenriott at
Hidinger, Edward ed.hidinger at
Hoare JR, William J (Daughter) Leet, Donna Djl27 at
Hollingsworth, Robert hollyjos at (Daughter) Judy Hindman happy2 at
Hoskins, Robert bdhos at
Hull, Winston R. (Grandson) Dunphy, Greg GDunphy at

Kerr, Arthur (Son) Kerr, Robert SHOKON1 at
Killoran, Owen J (Son) Jerry sjkkx6 at  Mike mrmkpc at
Kimball, Jerry sjkimb at

LaBanca, Donald (Son)LaBanca, Donald CAPTHFD3 at
LaFalce, John Jdlaf at
Lajoie, Robert baleoutranch at
Lamont, Frank C (Son) Frank C runamuckchuck at
Landwehr, Donald DHLANDWEHR at
Latal, Herbert H lata9121 at
Lorenz, Clyde Ednamlorenz at
Lowe, William uppowered at
Lowary, EdgarJ (Son) Lowary, Jim jlowary at

McCarthy, Timothy F (Daughter) Jane McCarthy jermc46 at
Mayer, Warren wcmayer at
McFadden, Bert mcfaddenservices at
Malloney, James (Daughter)Maureen McGee emd270 at
Morris, James B (Daughter)Lynda Davalt Lynda.K at

Nelson, David hallguyd at
Neudeck, Don dneudeck at
Newton, Ralph F  rfnewtgcaz at

O'Connor,Robert J (Son) O'Conner, Robert oconnor at

Pacheco, Charlie (Son)Beau Pacheco wobi at
Paul, Eugene Navajo539M at
Penharth, John J. (daughter) Christine Kleber criscros46 at
Pike, Martin P (Daughter) Kathleen Lowe wallybasket at
Pissini, Donald (Son) Pissini, Dan dpissini at
Proctor, Clifford SJHines2000 at

Rager, Jack jrager5970 at
Reilly,Larry TheChiefE9 at
Rupp, Jim F (Son) Marc Rupp ruppm44 at

Saathoff, William (Son) Saathoff, William bsaathoff at
Sandwell, Stephen (Son)Sandwell, William billori at
Saunders, Albert AWSaundersPG at
Scates,Julian MacDonald julianmscates at
Schlamersdorf, George Albert (nephew) John Schlamersdorf Jslammers at
Shurling, Clarence (Nephew)Shurling, Ray capefearray at
Simpson, Jim jim5629 at
Smith, Adrian AdrianWS at
Joseph R. Spoto (Son) Tom Spoto tspoto at
Stalls JR, Henry A (Daughter) Kathy Stalls Katdawg78 at
Stephens, James R (Son) Stephens, Rollie ManachetOA at
Stewart, Donald R stewartd at
Surbeck,Arnold surbeck at

Tapley, Everett E (Son) Tapley, George george.l.tapley at
Tringle, Raymond, Gasper (Son-in-law) Robert DiAngelo rld1 at

Van Riper, Walter mwvr at
Van Riper, Jim (Honorary member) p2forever at
Vogel, Robert oldbobv at

Wells, George B (Great Great Grand neice) Adora Anderson Lvkats10 at
Withnell, Frank fwithnell at


Zierke, Howard (Son) Neal Zierke deniserz at

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