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Mr. Henriott

Just found the web site you created for the Juneau, it is awsome and very respectful of the men who served on her. I thing that my father would approve. Mr. Henriott, my father is George I. Mantere. Here are some small facts you might find interesting -- I was born on Monday 11-9-42. I think the julian date was 313. My fathers laundry number was C-13, 13 years in navy, Juneaus hull number CL52 is divisible by 13 and was sunk on Friday November 13. Am not sure what information, letters, documents, etc you have, but would share what I have. As a supply clerk with the Naval Supply Center Puget Sound, Bremerton, WA I had the honor to out the USS Juneau (LPD-10). My parents and LCDR Zook attended her commissioning.


Julia Mantere

Thank you Julia for this wonderful information and I am happy to add it to the guest book. What you thank you for your service to our country.

Lue Carino Hartney & Joseph Patrick Francis Hartney Sea2c Nov 1941

Hi Paul, Thank you for all of the work you have done to assure these heroes be remembered. It has been huge task, I'm sure, and please know how tremendously your efforts are appreciated. I have attached a photo of my mother and father taken in Nov 1941. The photo was taken on the farm in Connecticut where she was born and raised. She and dad were married in march of 1942 and moved to California in 1950 after the Port Chicago, CA disastrous explosion. Dad taught classes to Navy personnel there and they decided to settle here and raised 5 children. He died of leukemia in Dec 1981 and mom will be 85 this June. His remains were cremated and sprinkled at sea as he wished. He said he wanted to rest with his buddies and "maybe kick the sh_ _ out of some sharks".
Greatfully, Dona Hartney

Monday, April 05, 2004 Hi, My name is Kathy Weinberger and I'm wondering if you can tell me if there are any survivors left from the Juneau. My unlce was aboard the Juneau and I would like to know if there was anyone that knew him. Everyone in my family is gone now, in fact most of them past away pretty early in my life and I don't know anything about my uncle ecxept the fact that he was on this ship with the Sullivan brothers. Any information you might be able to offer me would be very much appreciated. His name was Russell Victor Weinberger. Thank you for your time,
Kathy Weinberger Legislative Aide to Rep.John J. Taylor

Dear Paul, Thank you so much for the information. The website that you have created is beautiful and touching. I never knew my uncle but after reading some of the transcripts that you included in your site, I feel I have some idea of the the horrific events that he suffered that day. I can only hope that he went quickly. I wish I would have had a chance to speak to someone that knew him. Again, I thank you for your help and for the beautiful memorial that you have put together.

Fri 11/14/2003 Thank you for the beautiful web site. A few years ago one of my sisters began to research info about our brother Thomas W. Fortune, Army Staff Sgt. 31st Infrantry, of Douglas, Ga. We were small. I was 10 and of course we had received very little information other than he was a prisoner in the Phillipines and was later killed in the sinking of a ship carrying the prisoners. We have been searching out things on the internet and we have been so touched by all that we have found out. You are right, We must not forget these heroes and what they did to give us the great freedoms we now have and that some take so lightly. Tom was never married but was very much loved by his family and just being able to and received his many medals and also made arrangements for a marker to be find these sites and about the Arisan Maru has be a good thing. My sister wrote placed in the Memorial Cemetery in Atlanta, GA. Again thank you.
Frances Fortune Luke, youngest sister of Thomas W. Fortune.

The Cousin I Never Knew!!!
I just found the Memorial to the individuals lost on the USS Juneau CL-52 too lost someone on that ship, someone that for 54 years I had been led to believe had died at Pearl Harbor, that was stationed aboard the USS Arizona. When I could not find his name anywhere on the wall or in printed books, etc. I started to believe that maybe he was still alive, had lost his memory, and possibly made a new life for himself somewhere else in the world. In my heart I lived with this, hoping and praying that one day before I passed on we would meet. Then as I searched through old papers in an effort of completing my family tree the secret drove me to the point of calling the US NAVY. It was at this time that the truth hit me in the face and all the pain and hurt that I had in my family's eyes and faces came back to me. Allen Zane Lokey, Jr. Bmkr2c, was in fact actually lost to me. I would never see his face or look into his eyes. Speaking with the Navy Personnel in an effort to find out more information on my first cousin, I closed my eyes as the gentleman told me what I did not want to hear. I could see my Aunt Mary and Uncle Allen's faces and the tears falling down their cheeks. Their lives were lost as well when their only son was killed. My father was a W.W.I Veteran who passed away in 1969. My oldest served in the US Air Force during The Gulf War. He made it home alive and well but not the same as the young man that left to fight for our freedom. My youngest son served the US Army via the National Guards and has never faced war. My husband served in the US Coast Guard and he has never faced war. My heart breaks for my lost cousin, knowing that his body was never recovered and that there is only a White Cross marker in a Memorial Area someplace. Knowing that I will never be able to visit his grave and place flowers there see a Flag fly on special occasions in his memory. I realize that GOD had a purpose for all this but that does not stop the pain that I feel for my loss or the loss his parents suffered when they found they would never see their only son again.I ask myself, 'Why, why Allen. He was just a little over 20 years old,' and GOD answers me back with the words, "Why not Allen I had other things for him to do." So tonight I will light a white candle and pray that Allan Zane Lokey, Jr., is with his parents Allen Zane Lokey, Sr., and Mary Ede Lokey. That at last there is happiness for the three of them joined in Heaven where GOD prepared a place or them. I will also pray that GOD will restore peace to my heart and soul, now that I know the truth of his death. It does not make life for me easier but it does make me appreciate the ones that served and fought for this great country of ours and will continue to do so until our LORD comes to takeus Home. Thanks for letting me come to terms with this mystery and the web site is beautiful. Gardenias, like white doves are truly gifts from God in times such as these.

George Ede Respess

20 March 2001
Dear Paul Henriott Thank you so much for responding to my email. I shared the information I found on your website with my grandmother, who lost her brother on the Juneau, and she seemed to be comforted by it. She shed a few tears, though she tried to hide them. I know she appreciated it greatly. Thank you for posting information that is so important to so many people.
Sarah Winter and Eleanor Winter

Dear Paul Henriott, I have been searching for info about the USS Juneau. My grandmother's brother, Stanley Yarosz, was killed on the ship. She never found out exactly what happened to him. I know she still thinks about him everyday. I've caught her several times with tears in her eyes. It would be very important to me and my grandma if anyone would provide information for us. Thank you.
Sarah Winter

December 20, 2000, Thank you Mr Henriott The superb tribute to Fr. O'Brian on the web-site is astounding. The story of the ARISAN MARU bears telling over and over, especially to those who seem to forget just how much was given in the name of freedom. I would like to think that the good Padre may have ministered to my uncle, Gunners Mate 1st Class Daniel David Nollette (Peetz, Colorado), a Roman Catholic, and likewise a victim of the sinking of the ARISAN MARU. I know all too well that Chaplains of every faith ministered to those of any (and even those with no) faith, particularly in combat and the POW camps, therefore it would not be in error to say that Father O'Brian ministered to all those aboard the vessel. May the season bring you and yours joy and peace. Sincerely yours,
Frank Nollette, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF, Retired
Tucson Arizona USA (combat veteran with personal knowledge of the courage of combat Chaplains)[Associate Life Member, American Defenders of Bataan Corregidor]

S2c CHARLES WILLIAM MCGINN. CHARLES was born and raised in Bristol, Rhode Island, the son of ANN (McKENNA) and CHARLES MCGINN, of Howe Street, Bristol. He had two brothers, RICHARD AND GEORGE. Charles was a member of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church of Bristol. submited by his cousin, Maureen Elliott

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 Hi paul, Thanks. that was very nice of you. I find some measure of pride knowing Charles has a sort of "epitaph" after all this time. Of course, his name is with his parent's names, at their gravesite, but that's all...only his name! For such a happy young man, this never quite seemed enough! To now be in a memorial "book" gives me a measure of pride for my cousin. Thanks. We are from a very military family! All navy for several generations, until my younger brother joined the Air Force in '56, and then I married a career Air Force man 37 years ago. God bless. MaureenBr>

Wed, 12 Jul 2000 Dear Paul, Was so very happy to hear from you. Lost for the right words to express my gratitude, for all the time and effort you have put into helping me. If I never get these Medals, I will not be a loser, because having the great opportunity of knowing people as yourself really care about us. Thanks so much Paul for all the time and effort. I only wish The Military had the compassion that some of you have. I love all of you that have not Forgotten and will never forget Price Of Freedom.
God Loves You and so do I. Juanita Gattis Harris daughter of Marvin Lee Gattis

Wed, 28 Jun 2000 A real surprise, I don't know where this Web Site came from, all of a sudden it was there. I had a very close Boyhood friend aboard, Shelton Beverly Sutton, a recent Ga. Tech Grad., and Center on a fine Ga. Tech team. Shelton was one of the first young men in our County to lose his life in actual combat. After visiting the Adm. Nimitz Pacific Theater Museum, I wrote them asking for information about the Juno and had a very prompt account with brief service record of Shelton Sutton, which I was able to share with his many friends. This was in 1988. Thanks for this rememberance. Bill Warthen

Sun, 11 Jun 2000 My Father was on the USS JUNEAU, Gattis, Marvin Lee. I just saw this wonderful sight, and God only knows how touching this was for me. A flow of warm tears, but happy ones, to have had the opportunity to see this. Never got to know My Dad but he lives within my heart. I was only one year old, but I well remember the hell we had growning up without a Father. I feel as though I recieved a hug, when i saw this sight I have added this to my list of favorites. We never recieved my Dad's medals I do hope I can get them soon. Thank you and all that made this possible. I will look at this everyday. Bless You Nita Harris

Sun, 11 Jun 2000 Dear Sir, Thank you for having this site available. Walter Orville Siegle, was my wifes brother. He was a baker on the ship his nickname was Mickey age 19. Any information would be appreciated respond to above address. Thank you, Otto Greenleaf

Sir, I was delighted to find that a web site has been created in honor of those that went down aboard the USS Atlanta and USS Juneau. Two of my uncles were among those who died on the Juneau -- Patrick and Louis Rogers. Four Rogers' brothers (Patrick - Louis - Joseph - James) were stationed onboard Juneau during the war. Thank God, two were transferred prior to the attack. The only surviving brother is James Rogers. The web page is beautiful! Here is URL to the Rogers Brothers pictures. Harry Rogers LT USNR Ret. (Nephew) Mechanicsville, Maryland

To: Paul Henriott, My father's brother- Carl Otto Degroat (also my uncle I am named after) died aboard the USS Juneau. If anyone has any information regarding him, we would appreciate hearing from you. Many thanks! This is a wonderful website with lots of information- again, thanks. Charles Degroat, Jr. /Carla Rietzschel 3210 VioletStreet, Alexandria, LA 71301 (318) 445-5657

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my e-mail. I was at my office searching for information on the USS Juneau when I found your website this morning. I called my father and he came right over to look at everything I could show him. As we looked at the site and listened over and over to the music, we were both wiping away tears. We were both very impressed with the memorials. I have looked at this several times and am amazed at the work that must have gone into this. I called long distance information and obtained the phone numbers for one of the survivors (Holmgren) and for his son also. I think my father will attempt to call- I realize the possibility that it has been too long or possibly my uncle will not be remembered, but I think it is something that my father feels the need to do. Everytime I get on-line to search for info, I find something else. My father shares the information with his two remaining brothers. Thanks so much for making all this possible! Carla Rietzschel

Fri, 26 Dec 1997 My name is Tom Heinzinger. My Uncle was Edward James Heinzinger, who was one of the Seaman KIA on the Ship the USS Junea. My family and I thank this memorium. I have attached a link to this site from my homepage so that all the other Heinzinger's who have contacted us can see this tribute. Thank you again, Tom Heinzinger

Tue, 17 Feb 1998 I am looking for information and photos of the U.S.S Juneau from 1942. My Great Uncle Seaman 2nd Class Chester A. Anderson was killed in the battle for Guadalcanal Nov. 13, 1942. I am not sure of what his function or station was on the ship, there is very little information on him other than 2 letters he had written before they shipped out, and the letter from the Navy saying he was missing in action after the ship was sunk. I would appreciate anything you could send or names or places where I could get the information myself. Sincerley, Lance Anderson P.O. Box 47 Sandown, N.H. 03873

December 4, 1998 When I was just a 4 year old boy, my father took me to a Veteran's Day celebration at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. My one poignant memory of that day is that a wreath was thrown into the water to honor the brave sailors (my uncle, John Aloysius McKee among them)who gave their lives in defense of our country. I didn't understand why my uncle just didn't swim up and grab the wreath, but then the concept of death escapes the young. I was to learn about death on a personal level during Vietnam when several of my friends and comrades-in-arms died before my eyes, and, in one case, in my arms. My father has endured the loss of his dear older brother (my namesake) for the past fifty-six years, and always the unanswerable question arises. Why did the others just sail away? I watched a documentary a few weeks ago wherein the answer given was that the others assumed all hands had perished when they witnessed the Juneau's magazine explode as a result of the second torpedo which struck her. Well, that's an answer if not a particularly acceptable one.Anyway, thanks Paul for all of your time and effort to memorialize the brave and unfortunate souls who were the crew of the USS Juneau. Having relived the deaths of my friends in Vietnam many times over the last 30 years, I can appreciate the horrific dreams that must have been (and still are for Commander Zook) a part of the 10 survivors' lives for the past 56 years. John F. McKee Pottstown, PA

"Why did the others just sail away?" John back in the early days of WWII some of the decisions that were made were not the very best. I will not try and defend the decisions that is history. It was an honor to memorialize the brave crews of our sister ships the USS JUNEAU and USS ATLANA. Paul Henriott webmaster

Thu, 17 Dec 1998 I am interested in knowing if there is a list of the men who died in the USS Juneau CL52. My second cousin, Russell Parker was one of these. His sisters would be interested in something about this. Thanks for any information that you can find. Sue Wardlaw

Fri, 18 Dec 1998 Dear Paul, I cannot describe the Memorials. My cousins, sisters of Russell Parker will be so excited. He has 5 sisters living, ranging in age from 65 to 90. I am printing what I can and sending to them. Thanks so much for your help.Sincerely yours, Sue Wardlaw

Sat, 26 Dec 1998 I have just discovered how wonderful the www is because of the find job that you have done. I have printed some of the info about the USS Juneau CL52 for my cousins who are sisters of Parker, William Russell F2c. I would also be interested if you know of a www for the US Army in WW II. My Dad served only a short while at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. Thanks for any help you can find. Thanks, Sue Wardlaw

5 March 99 My Uncle, Lt. Thomas M. Roddy was on the USS Juneau. I would like to thank you for your memorial web page. My siblings and I would like to keep his memory alive for our children. We all remembered November 13th this year. I'm just grateful that the book about the sinking of the Juneau was published after the death of Uncle Tommy's siblings and parents. My Uncle's name was Thomas Michael Roddy. He was the fourth of seven sons born to Irish Immigrants. He was one of four sons to serve in the United States Navy during World War II and one of two sons to die at sea in World War II. He graduated from the Boston Latin School and the United States Naval Academy.

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 Thanks for the website. My Great Uncle , Jack Robert Boatright gave his life abourd the USS JUNEAU. I have acsess to some letter to my Great Grand Mother from some of the survivors and family and enjoy reading from time to time. A Photo of Jack Robert Boatright is available for Viewing here. Regards, Steven K. Bramlett

Mon, 11 Jan 1999 Hi, I would just like to thank you for the web pages on the USS Juneau. My uncle and my mothers brother Daniel Vincent Gallagher was a crew member of this ship. She never did know the whole truth about what did happen. It was a major blow to her father and he never spoke to her about it. She has been trying to find out the truth for many years. so it now seems that I have the whole truth in front of me. Plus the book, "Left to Die" I will see her at the end of the month. Again thank you very much for all that you have done for me and her. Daniel Vincent Farrell

My dad spoke often of his time in WWII, I was recently reading some of the things he wrote as an eighteen year old, young man, onboard the Atlanta. I was watching a documentry this evening on the battle of Midway, and thinking he was as old as my son Michael is now as he was living through this war. He passed away in 1985 and is missed tremendously by all of us. Thanks Again, Thomas F. Smith Jr.

Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for your web site! I have looked for a long time for any information about my Uncle who I was told died on board the Juneau at Guadacanal and finally found confirmation of it. My Uncle was Theadore A. Nitz. I never got to meet him, as I wasn't born till 13 years after he died, but, I felt it to be a mission to at least find something that mentioned his being on board. Your memorial did that. Thank-you, Robert H. Nitz

Selected Guest Comments I wish I could show them all but I have limited space.

Hi Paul, Thank you for visiting our corner of the web and giving me the opportunity to visit your site. I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into the site and have to congratulate you on an outstanding achievement in web site design, both in appearance and content. Your site is truly an exceptional presence on the web, reflecting the highest standards of creativity and professionalism. Congratulations on a very very impressive site, you should be very proud of the work you have done on the site. Very interesting design, graphics and I really liked what you did with the midi files. The memorial page was very touching and deserving our The Light Award. Enclosed is our Award of Excellence for the main site and our The Light award for the memorial site. Sincerely, REV. Ben Ciolczynski

Sun, 07 Dec 1997 Special award just for you. I have been rather "backlogged" with web designing, and it wasn't until today that I had the chance to review your site. I am a strong believer in divine providence, and believe that, with any communications media, there are times when someone will need to see exactly what another has to offer. I could not help but notice that I was reviewing your site on the anniversary of the day that the United States entered World War II - and it made me think of those, like yourself, who were hardly more than boys when they were called to serve. As you know, I usually am looking for extraordinary content and design when I give the award, and I know your site is in its infancy. However, I believe that your site should have exposure, in order that others may remember the huge sacrifices that these terribly wars have required of so many. I myself was not yet born during World War II (I'm a baby boomer - my father would be 77 this year, and my mother is 79 - so I've heard far more of that war than only what is in history books.) My family is from Italy, and members emigrated to different lands, so there were members of my family in the armed services of the United States, Britain, and Italy. I shall be listing your link within a day or so, under a special heading, on my "new winners" page. I am hoping that those who see both the link and your site will remember all of those who served, in particular those who gave their lives as a result. I wanted you to have this as a special tribute to your friends. Every good wish - Gloriana - USS OAKLAND CL/CLAA-95 I believe that there is little in this world that is mere coincidence, and would prefer to term it providence that I happened to review this site on the anniversary of Pearl Harbour's bombing (which is mentioned in the site'sheader.) Though it may not be in the category of web wizardry as yet, the information and links will be of interest to those who served on the many ships that are mentioned, and in particular the shipmen of the USS Oakland. I hope this special award will cause us all to remember those who lost their lives in war.- Gloriana - Elizabeth G. Melillo, Ph.D.

Paul, What a beautiful tribute you have created. I know it took countless hours. I like the way you listed the names in black with that tiny gold star. I also like the water gif you put on with Shirley Lane's award. I like the way you used the rosedew and made it smaller too. You do these men great honor by listing them and letting people like ME, who had NO education about them or their fate, learn. It is sad tho to see so many parish. Paul, how long have you been on computer doing website? You sure have a remarkable talent and pull this VAST amount of information together in such a respectful and beautiful fashion. *hug* I am still in your website, just visited the Juneau and Atlanta so far now. Don't mind me wondering around. I should be working on my website, but think I will just surf tonight. I am far behind on my postings....Love you...Laura

Well hello there!! God Bless your sweet heart!!Your website is WONDERFUL!!you know, my Dad was flying for the Navy in 1946...two years before I was born...he was in Korea and all over the place..I still have his flight logs..he retired 30 years in 1953..he was one of the first 6 navy pilots they ever had:) I have pixs of him in that old plane I get right tickled looking at them..and have thought very much about building a site in his honor ...OH he loved the Navy ..loved it so when he retired he never was the same..was just was his life...He passed away when I was 17 in 1966...I still miss him...but I was raised a military brat and loved it!!! Anyway, I have gotten off track here..Id like to send you my Sperior award for your wonderful site...and say to you did a wonderful job you should be very very made a mark and a wonderful contribution to the world wide web God Bless you! AngelHeart(Sharon)

Paul, I went to your site' was an incredible experience! You have certainly Honored our Nation! It brings tears to my eyes to see such dedicated work ...You have Shown your heart in all you have displayed.. From Heavens doors.. Those that Gave THEIR ALL...are Saluting you! God Bless you Paul! Faith

Hi Paul, Just in case no one has thanked you lately for giving your time and effort to help others, let me say at this time I think what you have and are doing is great. Most people will give money to a cause but are stingy with their time and effort. God sent you to us Paul and I thank both him and you. Cotton Lewis alias Tom Lewis

Wed, 30 Dec 1998 Hi Paul, You have done a wonderful job on your website.Wanted to make you aware of two documents which might be of particular interest to your site. There is a narrative by Captain Samuel Jenkins of the ATLANTA on her sinking which gives great detail on the damage and casualties. It was declassified in 1958. Might be a very interesting addition to your site. I do not have it in an e-mailable format but if you could send me your mailing address sometime I can get a copy made at the local library. My copy is very faded and hard to read, but public information office at DOD might also be able to find one.There is also a narrative on the sinking of the JUNEAU by Lt. Roger O'Neill which is also declassified. I have a much better copy of this one. He was the senior survivor but was on the SAN FRANCISCO treating wounded when the JUNEAU was torpedoed. Preston Cook

Hi Paul, As requested a list of the officers of the USS Atlanta and their duties.
Orsburn Ottic Cleveland Gunner kia
Roger Noon Currier Lcmdr (TF62.4) kia
Campbell Dallas Emory Cmdr XO wia
Robert Daniel Graff Lt (jg) Signal officer wia
Dewitt Clinton Tucker Grubbs Lcmdr Supply officer wia
David P? Hall 081255 Lt (jg) Sky-forward wia
John Christian Isham Lt (TF62.4) kia
Samuel Power Jenkins Captain CO wia
Henry Pease Jenks Lt (jg)Torpedo officer kia
James Duval Koiner Lt (jg) Disbursing officer kia
Arthur Edward Loeser Lcmdr Engineering officer kia
Girard Lindsley Mcentee 111 Lt Dir 1 wia
Harvey Stewart Moredock, Jr. Lt (TF62.4) operations officer wia
Ashley David Morris Ens Asst navigator and Radio2 kia
David Field Nicholson Lt (jg) Electrical officer kia
William Richardson David Nickelson, Jr. Lcmdr Gunnery officer wia
Van Ostrand Perkins Lt Senior Asst DCO wia
Willard John Pierce Lt (jg) Asst Engineering officer kia
Thomas Henry Poole Acting Pay clerk kia
Oliver Marion Ramsey Lt (TF62.4) kia
Allison Phidel Rhodes Lt(jg) Sky-Forward kia
Norman Scott Rear Admiral (TF62.4)kia
Norman Walker Sears Lcmdr DCO wia
James Clair Shaw Lt FCO wia,
James Stuart Smith, Jr. Lcmdr Navigator kia
Philip Thomas Smith, Jr. Lcmdr Communications officer kia
Donald Hays Spangler Lt(jg) Radio officer kia
Walter Morris Straub Lt(jg) Asst Gunnery officer Dir 4 kia
Arthur Godfrey William Thomas Lt (s)RANR Pilot kia
Morgan Wesson Lt (jg) Duties ?D-V(G) 106979 kia
Ira Washington Wilson Lt(jg) D-V(G) 095593 kia

The list of the officers of USS JUNEAU and their duties.
Edward Arvil Baumbach Lt Dentist kia
John Taylor Blodgett Lt OOD D-V(G)085108 kia
John Stuart Blue Lcmdr Navigator kia
Russell Mills Cox, Jr. Lt(jg) Disbursing officer kia
Norman Williams Doudiet Lt AUX div Engineering officer kia
William Monroe Fetcher Lt(jg) Signal officer kia
Harold Edward Fisher Lt(jg) D-V(G)123603 kia
Charles Benedict Fodale Lt(jg) D-V(G)123604 kia
Delbert Leroy Frieden Lt(jg) C-V(G)102557 kia
George Stewart Fuller Lt Supply officer kia
Henry Chalfant Gearing 111 Lt D-V(G)075404 kia
Richard Clyde Glenn DCO-V(G)100121 kia
Warren Frederick Graff Lcmdr Gunnery officer kia
Frank Campbell Graham Lt Plot kia
Gordon Seafield Grant Lcmdr Asst Engineering officer kia
William Matthews Hobby, Jr. Cmdr XO kia
Quentin Bockler Jones Lt Acting Communications officer kia
John Alphonse Kloter FCO-V(G)123602 kia
Roy Lanier WO Gunner kia
Theodore Charles Lyster,Jr.D-V(G)077116 kia
Malcolm Gardner Main Ens C-V(G)118345 kia
Burton Chester Nason Lt(jg) D-V(G)103101 kia
James Gaylord Neff Lcmdr Medical officer kia
Thomas Olin Oberrender, Jr. Lcmdr Engineering officer kia
Roger William O`Neill Lt(jg) mc transferred to the San Francisco
Wendell Gullefer Osborn Lcmdr Asst Gunnery officer kia
John Williams Pitney Lt(jg) D-V(G)102905 kia
William Harve Robinson WO Gunner kia
Thomas Michael Roddy Lt Asst Navigator kia
John Waltz Salvage Lt Director(1) kia
Shelton Beverly Sutton, Jr.Ens "Boilers"Asst Engineering officer kia
Lyman Knut Swenson Captain CO kia
Huntington Thom Lt (jg) D-V(G)Torpedo control officer kia
Virgil Harold Traxler, Jr. Ens ?165456
Charles Nathaniel Wang Lt(jg) D-V(G)Torpedo control officer wia
Creighton Lambert Wheeler Lt Senior Asst DCO kia
Knowlton Williams lcmdr Damage Control officer kia
Thomas Howard Williams, Jr.Lt(jg) FCO-V(G)101563 kia

Please email your comments all the above acquired by research at the National Archives, best regards
Ian------ Original Message -----

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