Yours is packed with education and I love it!

I was getting an avalanche of requests from really nice people wanting an award  button. (Kinda has me little frazzled, last night, I decided to give the  Veterans for a Change button to anyone who wants one.) I will continue to link 
all sites who email me that they took a button...but I am changing some pages in  my homepage. It is so nice to get all this nice, encouraging email......

For my special butterfly kiss award...I picked the monarch butterfly because that  is (my homestate) Illinois' state butterfly. I also like it's migration history. It is  pretty too. 

Giving it from my heart to people who have such lovely sites that touch my heart.  You have a wonderful, unique and refreshing site. Please accept this butterfly kiss  award. I am giving this ONLY to VERY SELECT sites. You do like butterfly  kisses? don't you? hee hee!

The quote on the bottom of the .jpg is one of mine. I used this quote each of the  past 7 years on my camp fliers when I had "Critter Camp" at my rural home for  little children ages 3 to 8...... I LOVE NATURE with a passion!

I have given and received a few butterfly kisses in my lifetime. It's these "small"  joys in life ~ like butterfly kisses ~ that one needs to always remember, cherish  and share.

Enjoy PAUL!

Your friend... Laura Veterans for a Change

Wow, What a site. Those gun cruisers were something else. I remember the Little  Rock, Boston and the Springfield but the gun cruisers are gone now. I am a
retired Tin Can Sailor but these beauties have a special place in any sailors heart.

Bravo Zulu!! JohnC. Benware MMCS(SW) U.S. Navy(Retired) 

Hey ol' timer,

I stumbled across your page and I can appreciate the personal touch. Some of  those (Navy) medals you have displayed look just like the one my grandpa gave
to me. I'm always interested in hearing first hand stories from gentlemen from  that particular era, and never tired of the stories my grandpa told me throughout  the years. I'm grateful for the sacrifices made by your generation for the benefit
of mine, and though no one really sees the correalation between those events and  their impact on events today, I see the affects everyday. U.S Navy (well, Naval  history in general) has always appealled to me, and I'll fondly carry on the  memories and stories of my grandpa's 21 years of naval service; from Pearl  Harbor on board the CA New Orleans, through VJ-Day on CV Essex, to the  Korean War On CV Bon Homme Richard. It is essential that the experiences
from your generation be passed along, and your web site is just the right vehicle,  keep it up!

Quinn Bracken, (Proud grandson of CWO C.S. Bracken, 1920-92)

You have a wonderfully designed web page and look forward to seeing future  updates you may have. I was a GMG2 by the time I got out of the Navy, My
wife is an RM2 and is still active duty. Take care and best wishes!

Beau Champion 

Paul, from one Gunners Mate to another, you have an outstanding site here. You  must put a heck of a lot of time in just maintaining it, let alone what it took you to  develop it. I, for one, appreciate your efforts to keep the naval tradition alive.  Keep up the great work!

Tom Bateman USS Preble DDG-46 (DLG-15)

Sir, I have visited your site and feel it ranks among the best Navy sites on the net.  Please except this humble award for the "USS Oakland" web site.. "Eyes of a  Sailor Veterans Gold". Thank you for all you are doing for American veterans  everywhere.


Jim Moran "Eyes of a Sailor - USS Juneau LPD-10" 

Thu, 4 Jun 1998 

From: Circle of Light>


I went and visited your site and YES I would be honored for you and your site to  receive my award. I do choose a recipient twice a month. So I am going to list
you as recipient of the award for June 15th.

Paul, I want to share with you that I am an Army brat - both father (Col) and  mother (1st Lt). My mom was in the med corp and dad in the 5th Calvary. He  was wounded in Italy in WWII, lost the lower left arm and took shrapple metal in  the stomach. He met my mom in the VA hospital in San Antonio, Tx, which is  where I was conceived though was born on Ft. Custer in Battle Creek, MI in  Percy Jones Hospital (another VA hospital) Thus I tell everybody I am both  Yankee and Rebel. Then I married the XO of the Navy Seal Team I, but lost him  in Viet Nam back in 71. I do have a great daughter from him that was born 4  months after we lost him. She is now in Colorado Springs, CO as of last Feb.

Okay, enough. Thank you so much for requesting the award. I am deeply
honored to be associated with you and your site.

Blessings to you.

Light, Cassandra 

Tue, 9 Jun 1998

I have not seen an exhibit of history, patriotism, and devotion to the profession of  arms equivalent to your work. As my daddy told me, "Anyone that starts out life  with a dixie cup on his head can't be all bad."

Ed Maloney, Lt Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Hi Paul; 

I went through those pages and I must say they were outstanding!! I applaud you  for the memorials you gave the men and ships. I have decided with your permission to put links on my cruiser pages to yours. I have knowledge of the specs and histories but I just am not able to put as much detailed info as you can about these ships. Thanks....Guy Derdall


What a beautiful tribute you have created. I know it took countless hours. I like  the way you listed the names in black with that tiny gold star. I also like the water  gif you put on with Shirley Lane's award. I like the way you used the rosedew
and made it smaller too. You do these men great honor by listing them and letting  people like ME, who had NO education about them or their fate, learn. It is sad  tho to see so many parish. Paul, how long have you been on computer doing  website? You sure have a remarkable talent and pull this VAST amount of  information together in such a respectful and beautiful fashion. *hug* I am still in  your website, just visited the Juneau and Atlanta so far now. Don't mind me  wondering around. I should be working on my website, but think I will just surf  tonight. I am far behind on my postings....Love you...Laura

Dear Paul,

I would like to present to your site Breathed Flight's Award of Excellence. Your  pages met the criteria for my standards of web page design, ease of exploration
for the reader and certainly not last on my list of importance, emotional content. 
I believe the graphics and layout of a page keep the visual interest of the reader  but nothing hits the heart more than the power of words. Congratulations and  thank you for a job well done and topic matter that should never be forgotten.

Janet Remich 


It's not the bells and whistles that makes a website I don't think! I judge the  website in its heart and soul, does the site move me, it must make my heart want  to ache, laugh, beat fast or slow, does the site put a smile on my face or a tear in  my eye. The site could be a very basic site, but, if it moves me - it deserves an  award!

Take Care, my friend!

ALOHA - Sancho Manzano Jr., 1SG, USA, (RET)

25 Jun 1998

Well , I went to Col. Higgins web site... It brought tears to my eyes... it is hard to  leave it.. Thank you for sending me the URL


You are not the only one to get emotinal about her site. I have 3 Memorial tours  that will get to you also. .....Paul

Today is my day for crying... these sites that you have sent me are heart  breaking...I have never seen such beautifully done tributes! I will return to them  often and send them out to all my friends . Thank you Paul!

Always.. Faith

Hi, Mr. Henriott,

After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with GA's Bronze Award  for web page design. I would also like to present you with a special "Great  Content" award I created just for you, as your content deserves an award all its  own! You have created a very nice site...a most ambitious and impressive  undertaking, indeed. The time, effort and love you've put into this site is clearly  evident. I just spent a LOT of time perusing your site and found it utterly  fascinating... as well as deeply moving. I wish to congratulate you on a job well  done.

Glenn Akiyama GA's Web Design

Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998

A superbly detailed history site. The site demonstrates the potential of the web to  educate and communicate ideas. It is an inspiration for my own web work.

Lou DiMarco 

Fri, 11 Sep 1998

Dear Paul,

I don't know what to say...or how to express the way I feel right now.. You have  bestowed an honor on me that I really don't deserve. It has truly touched my  heart..and a mere thank-you just does not seem enough.. I have placed this very  special award on my main page, I pray that I have done it justice. You will always  be in my thoughts and  prayers.

Thank you Paul.."hugs"


P.S. Your a very special man Paul..I pray that the Lord's hand will always guide  and bless you. 

Sat, 05 Dec 1998

I just wanted to thank you for creating the website. My grandfather served on the  USS Flint during the war, but that's all I knew about it. After reading your site,  I've learned about some of the action he was involved in, which is very interesting  to me. His name was Robert Wilson, and he was a radarman 3rd class. I'm going  to try to map out the different areas that are mentioned in your site. He died of  cancer in 1976, when I was 12, so I was too young to really hear much about his  service. Anyway, I found it very interesting to finally learn what he had to go  through.

Thanks again,

Bob Wilson III

Wed, 09 Dec 1998

Thank You for sharing such a personal and important part of your life, My  Military roots are very deep. My father was a gunner aboard a B-17 shot down  over Germany in 1942 although he lived through the crash, he still lives with the  memories. My brother-in-law was stationed on a troop carrier delivering young  American marines to Omaha Beach, a cousin sleeps in a watery grave aboard the  U.S.S.Arizona, My husband was in the Korean War, My uncle and classmates  saw action in Vietnam. My son was in damage control aboard the U.S.S. Ranger  in the gulf while my son-in-law felt the heat of the oil fires in Desert Storm.

Thank You for your committment and hard work that when into your site.

Thank You for the pride and honor that you have given our American Heroes.  God Bless You All!

Barbara Cox

Fri 4/30/99

Beautiful web page. Although born in 1961, I thank the Lord that I can still taste  freedom that our brave, young men and women died for. I respect, love and  cherish those who died for my freedom. I'll never forget. Part of my mission
these days is to remind the young ones exactly what the cost of freedom is.

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