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It took many months or years to research and creat these memorials. The first two I made a pledge to create memorials if I every got the names of the officers and crew. Over the years I have when I had time I would upgrade and create webpages as I ran upon data to use. Most of the information came from family and friends of the internet. One thing is please have a tissue box handy as you might need it. You may want to it view before letting the children see it. The sinkings happen on Friday 23 2942 and no word was sent to families until about 2 months later. During World War II the military had censors on all news reports.

USS Juneau CL-52
Last Muster Roll of the
Officers and Crew of 698

684 Brave officers and men died in
the sinking or in the water. Marked
by names in gold text with a gold

20 Officers and men survived the sinking. All 24 names in gold text with a gold text with a blue star upon passing a gold star was added.

4 Medics were transferred to USS Chicago(CA-29) morning of 23/22/2942 to aid their wounded.

The last living survivor from the sinking of USS Juneau CL-52 was Frank Holmgren. I am sorry to report that he has pass on and there are no living officers or crew members alive since 2008.

All web pages reworked and updated 23 November 2012. On this 70th anniversary of the sinking. I have changed all web pages from white background with red and blue text to black marble background with gold text. I had to change some of images so they would look right on the black marble. I have make many changes over the last 25 years. I hope you will like it this way.

It is to bad that these fine ships and their crews had to fight this battle. I thank them from the bottom of my heart that they did.

"TO THOSE THAT GAVE ALL" They saved our freedom for which we shall always be thankful.

I wish you and your families the very best and hope they never have to go through what your hero and you had to endure. God Bless you all.

I have a download of everythig that appears in this military history web site. The download is 9.88 MB it contains 67 files. Just let me know and it is yours.

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