Our return to the United States in October 1945

Photo taken from bridge of USS Oakland

Facts about my websites:

The first thing that I did when I went on line was a internet search for the USS  Oakland and then all the other anti-aircraft cruisers. Well needless to say I had  luck in my search. The only thing that I found was the war diary of the USS  Juneau CL-52. That was when I decided to create a web page for the USS  Oakland is located at this URL:  http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/phenriot/ and the current home page is at URL http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/index1.html Today there are 4 home pages for the website in order to control the load times. If you  find any webpage that takes more than 3 mintues to load, please let me know the  URL of the webpage. I don't expect anyone to wait more that 3 for the webpage  to load. Today this ship's information website has 27 webpages.

The next 2 months I did internet research and collecting all my old USS Oakland papers. The next thing I did was put all the names of the crew from the information that Alfred Greenway and I had, into the computer. When this was done, I checked each crew member's name in the online telephone book for their proper address and phone number. Then one thing lead to another and finally I created a roster of the crew for the website. On 18 October 1996 I uploaded my first home page of the USS Oakland to my internet service provider's server.

Antiaircraft Cruisers Web site officially went on-line 15 March, 1997 which covers the anti-aircraft cruisers. During the research for information about the Oakland. I would find something about one of the other sister ships. I then created one webpage for each of the sister ships as a depository for said information. http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/aacruisers/index.htm

The USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852) web site officially went online 4 February 1997. The orginal web site was designed by Ray Bales, GMC(SW), USN. When deployed I agreed to take it over and it on 13 June 1998. The USS Leonard F. Mason was the second ship that I served on during my 7 years of naval service. http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/mason/index.htm
Today this website has 49 webpages.

Memorials web site, which consisted of 2 web pages, officially went online 13 November 1997. It was created to honor those that gave their all and to others that touched my heart. The very first cruise was for our anti- aircraft cruiser sister ships, USS ATLANTA CL-51 AND USS JUNEAU CL-52, as a 55th Anniversary Memorial of their sinkings. http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/indexmemorials.html
Today this website has 32 webpages.

The History web site, which consisted of  4 web pages of WWII history and 1  web page of ship's history went online 13 November 1997. Today this website  Shipmates web site went online in 1998 which cover the obituaries of the  shipmates, and photos and comments of crew members. http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/indexshipmates.html

My Ancestors website officially went online January 22, 2000 which cover my  deceased ancestors. I would like to thank my mother, Edna (Tabler) Henriott, for  taking time to obtain the names of the relatives that appear in this document. It  was very important to her to preserve the family history. I don't think she knew  what she had at the time. A few years after my retirement I got the names and  entered them into a computer. That was about 1990 and the data has been sitting  idle ever since. I decided to place the information on the internet for the world to  see and appreciate. By placing this information on the internet I should find more  relatives from the United States and the rest of the world. This will make my late  mother very happy. Mother may you rest in peace. Amen http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/ancestors/index.html

The Awards Website which covers the 295 plus awards that this website has won. I must say that there are a lot of wonderful awards from some very wonderful people from around the world. I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my
heart and God Bless you.   http://www.rtcol.com/~oakland/awards/index.htm


Dear Lord Henriott

A fanfares of trumpets blare and from the oak-lined halls of the Renaissance the  riders emerge, clad in red and gold and mounted upon ebony steeds. Through the  vast realms of cyberspace they ride, each to his appointed destination, where will  kneel before a Lord chosen for invitation to the noble ranks from which they  came.

"My Lord, so greatly have our Fair Ladies doted upon thee, and praised thy  virtues so highly, that the other Lords of the Renaissance request thy presence  "My Lord, so greatly have our Fair Ladies doted upon thee, and praised thy  membership. Please accept this crest and the honor bestowed upon your
deserving among them with an offering of the highest honor--that of a
Renaissance Menbrow."

Yours in Brotherhood, Jayson Gadreaux The Renaissance Men

Beverley Crowley (Deceased)
Member of the BrotherHood

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