This is from Bill Lucas who served with me in the USS LEONARD F. MASON DD-852. His brother, Roy Lucas, also served with me in the USS OAKLAND. He sent me Roy's address information for the rosters.

Hi Paul,

My brother Roy, yes he is still alive. He was born 11/24/30 he's 2 1/2 years older than me. He went in the navy sometime in the summer of 47 he wasn't quite 17 my dad signed the papers. They never checked to see if he was 17. I'm not sure I'll check with him tonight when he went aboard the Oakland, I think he went aboard the mason in 49, got shore duty in Japan in 51. I can't think of the name but it was a naval air station north of Yokuska but a little south of Tokyo. I got overnight liberty a couple times and rode the train up there seems like about 100 miles. He was in the deck force on the Oakland and the Mason. About the time I went aboard the Mason he got in the laundry room & became a ships service man. I think he made SSM2c. I don't know what came about but when his enlistment was up in 56 he got out. He had 9 years in. I was just in about 4 years. I got in the plumbers union in 1a [all new construction] he asked me how to get in I told him to pick out a plumbing co. In the phone book and go see them he did got in. We both served a 5 year apprentice ship. I retired in 86 and moved to Arkansas. Roy he's head man of one of the biggest in 1a. University mech. He hasn't worked with the tools in 30 years he not even thinking about retiring. What ever I'm glad I did. I know you didn't ask for my history. I hope I didn't bore you to death.


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