I would like to thank the following:

Rebecca (Kellum) Menti, she is daughter of
(Arlon W. Kellum deceased).
family took photographs on 16 June and sent them to me.

James Van Riper, son of our shipmate Walter Van Riper, along with Michael 

Brock who took the the photographs that appear in the following webpages.

Michael Brock, my USS Oakland "Watch Dog", at first he wasn't to happy with
the location until I said that it would be a fine location. He has worked very hard
with the Port of Oakland to see that job was done right.

Celia McCarthy, Cultural Resources Planner for The Port of Oakland, for her

collecting the artifacts and installing the display case.

City Council Member Dick Spees for honoring the former crew
members that
were present. Sir, I am sure you made their day.

City Council Member Dick Spees, Walter Van Riper, Don Nudeck, and Will Small
Not shown Francis P. Peterson

Eve Grossman-Bukowski, Acting Manager of Government Affairs for the Port,
coordinated with the City. 

Niccolo Deluca, Assistant to Councilmember Dick Spees, made sure the 
resolution made it to the Dec. 5 agenda and helped in many other ways. 

Annalee Allen, Landmarks Columnist for the Oakland Tribune and Oakland 
Tours Coordinator, mentioned the presentation and the display in her column,
provided many helpful suggestions, and now includes the USS Oakland display

on her tours of City Hall.


Will Small, Francis P. Peterson, Don Nudeck, and Walter Van Riper


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