THE FLYING "O" Navy Day 1945
with a bloody nose and a missing anchor.

As you can see (Sun 7/7/02 11:18 PM) I got these photographs from Rebecca (Kellum) Menti which appear on this webpage. She is daughter of (Arlon W. Kellum deceased). Thank you my dear young lady for the photographs. I wish your family the very best and God Bless you all.   Paul


Thank you so much for your help in locating the new park where the Mast from the U. S. S. Oakland will be placed. We did indeed find it and took some pictures which I thought you'd like to see and possibly post on the web site. These were taken 2 weeks ago. This was at dusk, so we weren't sure about the quality of the photos, but I think they are okay. Some photos show the base of the Mast which has been set. The Mast itself was newly painted and enclosed in a chain link fence.

The park is going to be quite beautiful. I'm sure Dad would have been very 
proud. I may have to send a couple of e-mails to get the 7 photos to you.

Gehlin and Rebecca (Kellum) Menti

"Mast 1"  5060
Shows the entrance to the park.
The shot is facing North.

"Bay"  5060
  Is the entrance/exit to the East of the park.
We assume the tall poles will probably fly different flags. 

"Fountain"  5060

 "Mast 2"  25060
This is the top of the mast. 
You can see a light and perhaps communications devices. 

"Mast 3"  35060
You can't see all the other pieces of the mast from this angle.
It's on the other side of photo in 'Mast 2". 

"Park"  5060
There are capstans that line the walk to the east side of the park.
They are used for a ship to moor to them.

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