Hi Paul,

Just a quick note to say that dad and I met Mike Brock at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland this morning.  We met with Mr. Ed Guldner (pictured in a yellow shirt in several of the attached photos) and stayed until the mast was entirely raised.  Attached are 33 photos that I took during the process and immediately afterwards.  I'll let you go through them and decide which ones, if any, you might like to place on the USS Oakland website.  Mike Brock is going to E-Mail a bunch of his to you also so you should have quite a variety to choose from.

We didn't get the 1943 penny placed under the mast yet.  There is a 2-inch space under the mast that we can reach under it and epoxy it to the cement base at the dedication ceremonies (we didn't have any epoxy with us today).

Enjoy the photos - sorry about the number of them and the download time but I thought you might like to see what we got.  We spent 5 hours there.  There were 3 from the construction crew there and they already had the main portion of the mast raised and were trying to match it up to the mounting bolts when dad and I arrived about 9 a.m.  Dad was the only person from the crew that was there.  Dad, Mike and I did have a good time visiting with Mr. Guldner while the crew fought a few minor boo-boo's that the pedistal cement crew made - but all turned out OK in the long run, I guess.

Anyway, take care & God bless

Jim Van Riper







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