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Master Gunner and Survey Officer years

SERVICE 1950 to 1963

Discharged from the U.S. Navy on 4 February 1950 and enlisted in the U.S.  Army, with no loss of pay grade, on 6 February 1950 at San Diego, California. The service number assigned was RA 19360393. Received Basic Training in the  4th  Inf. Div. at Fort Ord, California. Departed  May 1950.

Anti-aircraft Artillery
Master Gunner Student and Instructor

Attended Master Gunners School at Fort Bliss, Texas at the Anti-aircraft Artillery  School. After graduating from the Master Gunner School was then held over as  survey instructor.

Promoted to Technical Sergeant January 1951.


Promoted to Survey Warrant Officer September 1951 and received third service  number W 2146334. Departed from Fort Bliss, Texas Oct. 1952 for Germany.

Corps of Engineers
Surveying Officer

Assigned to the 332th Engineer Topographic Company, V Corps, in Frankfurt, Germany as an Engineer Surveying Officer. Departed from Frankfurt, Germany September 1954.

Field Artillery
Survey Officer

Assigned to the 529th Field Artillery Observation Bn., V Corps, in Karlsruhe,  Germany as a Field Artillery Survey Officer. Departed from Karlsruhe, Germany  for the United States November 1955.

I married Gertrud E. Seifert in Frankfurt, Germany on 06 May 1955. This was a  very lovely occasion and I am glad I didn't miss it.

Total service in Germany was 3 years.

Field Artillery
Survey Officer

Assigned to the 247th Field Artillery Missile Bn., in Fort Bliss, Texas, as Field  Artillery Survey Officer. Departed Fort Bliss, Texas, November 1957.

Was caught in the 1957 reduction of force act and had to revert back to my  permanent pay grade of sergeant. Assigned to Fort Carson, in Colorado Springs,  Colorado, awaiting orders to Hawaii, T.H. Departed Fort Carson December
1957 on leave and with orders to Hawaii.

25th Infantry Division
"Tropic Lightning"

Field Artillery
Chief of Survey

Assigned to the C Battery, 8th Field Artillery, 25th Infantry Division in Schofield  Barracks Hawaii, T.H. as Chief of Survey.

Our first child was born Curt Henriott in Waialua, T.H. on 18 Nov 1958.

Assigned to Headquarters Battery, 13th Field Artillery Bn., 25th Infantry Division  in Schofield Barracks Hawaii, T.H. as Chief of Survey.

Our second child was born Desiree Henriott in the state of Hawaii at Waialua, HI  on 16 Aug 1960.

Departed from Schofield Barracks Hawaii, HI January 1961.

Survey Instructor
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Assigned to The Field Artillery Advance Training Center, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, as  Survey Instructor.

Our twin daughters, Romy Henriott & Bernadette Henriott, were born in the US  Army Hospital Fort Sill, OK on 09 January 1963.

On 31 January 1963 retired from the United States Army with 20 years combined  Navy and Army service. Highest grade held was Chief Warrant Officer.


Final military move was back to Rochester, Indiana.

Employed by The Torrington Manufacturing Company in Rochester, IN.  Departed with 9 years total service.

Employed by Controls Company of America in Winamac, IN. It changed names
a number of times. Retired from Eaton Control Division with 14 years and 6  months service.

Went on full retirement 01 September 1987 and enjoying every minute of it.

Gertrud and I are the grand parents of four grand children (Twin boys died within  one day of birth).

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