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USS OAKLAND CL/CLAA-95 50th Decommissioning Anniversary And
Memorial Roll Call Honoring Our Deceased Shipmates 3 July 1999

Picture taken in January 1945


Born in Louisville, Kentucky to John and Edna Henriott on 26 August 1925.

Home town Rochester, Indiana. Attended Grade and High school in the  Rochester area.

Entered the US Navy on 05 January 1943 at Indianapolis, Indiana. The service number assigned was USN 291-91-49.

Assigned to Company 39, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Illinois for basic training. CPO Green was the company commander. Departed March 1943 for Treasure Island, California.

Assigned to the USS OAKLAND pre-commissioning crew to receive additional training; received medical and dental checkups and any necessary work needed to make each sailor in tip top shape. Departed 17 July 1943 to the USS  OAKLAND.

Assigned to the First Division, Turret 2 as a Seaman 2C gunner's mate striker. When we went into comissission, the main battery was called Turrets. I think all the Turrets had Chief Turret Captains assigned. In Turret 2 we had Chief Turret Captain George Haines and Turret Captain First Class Joseph Estes. All Turret Captains left the Oakland some time in March or April of 1944, then the main battery title was changed from Turrets to Mounts. All of my service in the First Division was served in Turret 2 and Mount 52, advancing from Gunners Mate Striker to Mount Captain. Later I was assigned to Fox Division and served in the armory.  Served aboard until March 1948, for total of 4 years and 8 months.

Served in USS Leonard Foster Mason, DD-852, a destroyer, until February  1950, for a total of 1 year and 11 months. My duties in the MASON were  MountCaptain of Mount 52 in the First divison. Traveled to the Far East in both 1948 and 1949, visiting China, Japan, and the Phillippines. In November 1949 while visiting Shanghai, China, the Chinese Communists took over Shanghai.  USS LEONARD F. MASON anchored at the mouth of the Yangtze river for one month to keep American shipping out.

Discharged from the U.S. Navy on 06 February 1950. Total period of service in the US Navy was 7 years and 1 month and highest rate held was Gunners Mate 2 Class. 

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