"Only a seaman realizes to what extent an entire ship reflects the personality and ability of one individual, her Commanding Officer. To a landsman this is not understandable and at times, it is even difficult for us to comprehend, but it is so!

A ship at sea is a different world in herself and in consideration of the protracted and distant operations of the fleet units, the Navy must place great power, responsibility, and trust in the hands of those leaders chosen for command.

In each ship there is one man who, in the hour of emergency or peril at sea, can turn to no other man. There is one alone who is ultimately responsible for the safe navigation, engineering performance, accurate gunfire and morale of his ship. He
is the Commanding Officer. He is the ship.

This is the most difficult and demanding assignment in the Navy. There is not an instance during his tour as Commanding Officer that he can escape the grasp of command responsibility. His privileges in view of his obligation are almost ludicrously small; nevertheless, command is the spur which has given the navy its great leaders.

It is a duty which most richly deserves the highest, time-honored title of the seafaring world . . . CAPTAIN."


S. D. B. Merrill

George S. Bullen

J. B. Ferriter 

W. J. Caspari

D. C. Deane

J. H. Rayburn

J. S. Weiler

Lester E. G. Setser

Thomas Hazapis

Brooks W. Setzer, Jr.

June 1946 - June 1947 

June 1947 - December 1949

December 1949 - October 1951

October 1951 - December 1953

December 1953 - August 1954

August 1954 - May 1956

May 1956 - January 1958

January 1958 - February 1959

February 1959 - November 1960

November 1960 - October 1961











T. L. Balis ........... October 1961 - October 1961 (Deceased).

Louis J. Collister October 1961 - July 1963...... (Deceased).

George E. Ludwig 
July 1963 - December 1963
[In Commission In Reserve]

Ralph E. Graham

Alan M. Hazen

John McConeghy

Roger E. Ekman

Charles J. Stuart, Jr.

H. O. Mains

Robert L. Warren

William D. Hohman

Charles R. Schlegelmilch

Kenneth P. Olsen

December 1963 - August 1965

August 1965 - April 1967

April 1967 - July 1969

July 1969 - July 1971

July 1971 - June 1972

June 1972 - September 1972

September 1972 - June 1973

June 1973 - June 1975

June 1975 - October 1976

October 1976 - November 1976












Most of the following officers started their naval careers with service in the USS Leonard F. Mason DD-852. They must have received very good training from the Leonard F. Mason cadre for each went on to become Captain before retiring. I just about over-looked Vice Admiral Timothy Keating. He started his career in the Mason also. They are all very proud of their service in the USS LEONARD F. MASON. I would like to thank them for their long and faithful years of service to our country.
Brittin, William, USN (Ret) 

Casseday, Jack N. , USN (Ret)

Hudson,  Frank W. ,  USN (Ret)

Knepper, Don USN (Ret)

Ristorcelli, Charles T. ,  USN (Ret)

Snyder, William L. , USN

van der Schroeff, Coenraad USN (Ret)

Watts, Len USN Ret USN Ret HM1 Ensign 67-71







? - ?






KEATING, TIMOTHY J.  US NAVY 71-72 Deceased).

2s flag

TUCKER, RONALD D USN (Ret)......... ............ (Deceased)

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