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From a proud Navy Brat, Marie,
has said it all in her ‘Thank you’
for this 4th of July 2002.

July 4, 2002

I would first like to say ‘Thank you’!

I received numerous emails in regards to the passing of my father, OSCM Edward F. Sugrue, USN Ret. I was extremely overwhelmed in reading all of your kind thoughts and kind words about my Dad. He definitely was a great friend and mentor to us all. Some emails were from people that did not even know my father but sent their condolences along. That was something I did not expect but it showed me how strong the Navy bond is. Being a true ‘Navy Brat’ myself, I know the feeling of kinship amongst your own even if you’ve never met the other person.

I am sorry that I did not respond earlier to your emails. On top of life being hectic after my father’s passing, I was also 9 months pregnant at the time. My father had hoped that he would make it to see the baby but unfortunately, that did not happen. The baby was due May 20, but she decided to wait awhile and out she came on June 1. We were scheduled to induce labor on May 15 as my dad had taken a sudden health dive and I wanted him to see his grandchild but that was canceled as he passed a couple days prior to that. In a way, I think he did that on purpose as he was against me inducing labor to begin with. He always looked after me and definitely did not want me to do anything that was on behalf of him that he thought could endanger the baby or me or that wasn't the natural course of life. I am an only child and this was his first grandchild. However, he was still a grandfather to her even before she entered this world and will always be.

This time has been bittersweet for my family. One regret I do carry is that my daughter will never know her grandfather in person as we all were able to. He will definitely live on through all the teachings and stories that I will pass down to her but I would have wished he could have been here in person to do so himself. I cherish all the memories I have of my dad with all my heart. He was my world. In my adult life, he became my best friend as well. I depended a lot on my dad for his advice, knowledge, and leadership that it scares me that he is no longer with us to direct me in life. Every decision I make, I think of what my dad would do first and that’s the way I choose to go.

For those of you who knew him while stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, the USS Midway is scheduled to be here (San Diego) next year as a museum. I remember as a child running around the Midway and jumping hurdles down the corridors. It would have been nice if my dad could have seen her once again. Most of my life was spent in Japan and it will be bittersweet again to see the Midway arrive, as it will remind me of my dad and my true home all those years ago. 

As soon as my daughter is able to travel, my mother and I will be making a trip to Arlington National Cemetery. My father will be placed there with full military honors. My dad was a Navy guy all the way through and I wouldn’t want him anywhere else. 

Again, thank you all. I have kept all your emails and someday will read them to my daughter so she knows how many lives her grandfather touched so positively. 

He was and always will be my hero.


Marie Sugrue

(Daughter of OSCM Edward Sugrue, USN Ret.)

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