Length: 391'0"Beam: 40'10" 

Draft: 14'5"

Displacement: 3,482 tons (full load)

Speed: 34 knots; 65,464 shaft horsepower

Complement: 11 officers, 325 crew

Armament: 6- 5"/38 cal. dual-purpose guns (3 twin mounts), 16- 40mm guns (2  x 2, 3 x 4), 20- 20mm guns (10 x 2), 5- 21" torpedo tubes, 2- depth charge
6- depth charge projectors

Fire Control: Mk 37 GFCS, Mk 27 TFCS, Mk 51 AA FCS

MASON was regunned in 1950

Hong Kong

MASON was regunned in 1950. (I believe that this was accomplished in the San Francisco Naval Shipyard - probably Hunter's Point.) Her former AA battery of 40 mm and 20 mm guns was removed, and she was re-equipped with rapid-fire 3"/50 mounts, and both Mk 56 and Mk 63 GFCS. The Mk 56 director was mounted centerline, aft of #2 stack, and was the primary means of fire control for the entire 3"/50 battery. The Mk 63 systems (port and starboard) were mounted just aft of the bridge, and were secondary methods for control of the 3"/50's. It was my understanding that MASON was the first Pacific Fleet DD to be converted to the 3"/50 battery and Mk 56 GFCS.) The original depth charge launchers were removed, leaving us with the stern tracks; Hedgehog launchers were installed abaft Mt 52, just forward of the forward fueling station on the 01 level. MASON retained all three 5"/38 twin mounts. They were controlled by the Mk 37 GFCS, although the Mk 56 GFCS could also control them. Before I left,  in early 1957 we had two Mk 38 ASW torpedo launchers installed, port and starboard, just forward of the amidships passageway, up close to the deckhouse, on the main deck.

FREDERIC J. THOMAS, LCDR 56-57 fjthomas@erols.com

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