I dedicate this memorial to
Rear Admiral Allen Calvert, USN, (Ret)

Thank you Admiral Calvert for your long and distinguished
military service to our Navy
and Country.


Thanks to Mary F. Calvert (grand daughter of  Admiral Calvert) an award winning  photographer (Washington Times) covering the White House.

President Bush, with Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
walking behind him,
reviewed the troops at Fort Stewart, Ga.,
during a tour of U.S. military bases in February 2001.


Office of Naval Intelligence: "The Raids on Wake and Marcus Islands"
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships: "PT-106 and Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla ONE"

I had the pleasure of serving with the Admiral when he was the commanding officer of the USS OAKLAND. He was a very fine officer and gentleman having a very high respect from the officers and crew.
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Allen P. Calvert


1941-42 USS Craven DD-382, Allen P. Calvert, Lt Comdr, USN Oct 31, 1941 to Dec 12,1942
1942-43 Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla ONE, Commander Allen P. Calvert, USN

PT-109 joined MTB Squadron FIVE and shifted to Panama, replacing the first eight PT boats that sailed on transports for the south Pacific in early September.
Six of the Elco boats, PTs 109 through 114, were then transferred to MTB Squadron TWO on 26 October 1942 and prepared for deployment to the Solomon Islands. The boats were loaded on cargo ships and sailed west, arriving at Sesapi, Tulagi harbor, Nggela Islands, at the end of November. There, the Elco boats joined the earlier boats--which had established the MTB base at Sesapi in October--to form Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla ONE, under Commander Allen P. Calvert.

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