The awards displayed below were hand picked
for this memorial page. I know you will see why.

The first one was the creator of the Memorial for "USS OAKLAND'S DECEASED" website. Julie did a wonderful job for me. She was one of many that help educate me to the internet and the many more along the way. I will never forget them and thank them to all. l am sorry to say, Julie isn't on the any more a great lost. THANK YOU JULIE

The second was creator of "RETIRED SEPTEMBER AWARD". It is a one-of-a-kind award that Hope awarded to me on Sept,10.1998 and awarded me to as one of my first major awards in 1996 both I have displayed.She never gave me her name just Hope. THANK YOU HOPE

The three is Glenn Akiyama (GA's Web Design) creator of a one-of-a-kind award just for USS OAKLAND (CL-95. When you recieve award from people like Glen you just make my day. THANK YOU GLEN

Always save the good news and bad news for last.

The fourth was a gentleman, from Canada, Jason Jones (aka MoonDuster) of (The Operation Just Cause SwitchBoard). He revisited his favorite websites in the last two week of his life on this earth. He created a one-of-a-kind award just for you, Which he e-mail to me two days before his died. His death was posted on the Internet 16 Oct,1997.




Not to be used for profit,
Please honor these Heroes.


Thank you for the honors, gifts and awards that you have bestowed upon my websites. You have made this old sailor and retired soldier very happy. As they say now days you have made my day!! The USS Oakland, Memorials, and my Ancestors websites have received more than 300 awards. Needless to say it is a difficult job to keep track of them in different websites listings. So I have created a master listing of all the awards for all the websites. If you are displeased with the way I am displaying your award/awards please feel free to say so.


I have more than 75 special awards that are one of a kind, can not be applied for, brotherhoods and difficult to win. I wish that I could display all of the awards on my home pages but that is impossible. Each and every one of the awards in this very special awards section are very special to me and will be displayed with HONOR.I would like to thank the wonderful people who have bestowed these honors upon my website. I hope that you will have time to visit each of these websites as they are some of the best on the internet.

I are making an exception in case displaying photograph would like honor for lovely graphics awards gave us learned that is no longer internet am sorry hear this as julie's website was one of on www she has found a job won't have time to maintain her site and be online we wish you the very best dear Julie

A special thanks for the MEMORIAL to all our decease crew members and the SweetMemories Patriotic Award which you designed especially for the USS OAKLAND. It is proud to be the first recipient of this Patriotic award. For all the other good deeds that you have done for the USS OAKLAND CL-95, the Officers and Crew and for me. Thank you for being a very special friend. I hope someday to meet you and thank you personally. The Internet is full of wonderful people but you were one of the very best. God bless you Julie and we wish you the very best.

Given in 1996

I have seen many beautiful pages, and there are many many awards out there for all of them, I wanted to create an award for the pages that not only have creativity but ones that reach out and help other' to them.. I offered the Hopes's Gold award. The Hope's Gold Award is now in retirement as of Sept,10.1998. It has been given the honor of resting at USS OAKLAND CL/CLAA-95.

Give in 1996

Dear Paul, I am looked over your site it brought back many emotions that had long sense been buried. Not only has your site touched my heart but my soul as well. You Sir will be the last recipient to receive the Hopes Gold Award. It is now in retirement. I do this in honor of and in memory of all who fought and gave their lives for us. So in memory of my father, on behalf of my children, and my country, for what it once and will again stand for.. you have my deepest respect . We proudly and humbly salute you.


Mr. Henriott, Once in a while, I come across a site that I feel deserves a special award. My reasons for creating and giving these awards varies, but I know it when I see it. The USS Oakland site is a special site that deserves a special award. So I have created a one-of-a-kind award just for you.

Always save the good news and bad news for last.

Hi Mr.Henriott, hope all is well with you and your family. Well I have finally been able to come up with what I hope is something that will in some small way show you that everything your doing for our MIA/POW issue is so greatly appreciated, by not just myself but countless others around the world.

I have recently had time to sit back and start to visit some of what I feel are the greatest and most wonderful sites I have ever seen on the web, that are committed to helping bring our people home.

As a result of this I have decided to give out an award that I hope you will accept on behalf of myself and The Operation Just Cause SwitchBoard and all that are associated with it.

This award will only be issued to those sites that show commitment, caring, sharing and a true desire to get the government to once and for all, GIVE A TRUE AND ACCURATE ACCOUNTING OF ALL OUR LOVED ONES, whom they left behind after the conflicts were over.

(Moonduster), The Operation Just Cause SwitchBoard, all the members of Operation Just Cause and most of all those to whom we are so eternally grateful, " OUR MIA. POW. KIA. " Lest we ever forget.... God Bless.

Jason Jones(aka Moonduster)



Is not to be used for profit,
Please honor these Heroes.

Very Special Award


Twice a month the exclusive "Circle of Light" award will be given to a site that is innovative,peaceful, informative, spiritual, entertaining or just fun. A site that receives this award has my inner-most recommendation. I personally critique everysite throughly for the quality of its service(s) and/or product(s) or content.

Paul, I went and visited your site and YES I would be honored for you and your site to receive my award. I do choose a recipient twice a month. So I am going to list you as recipient of the award for June 15th.

Paul, I want to share with you that I am an Army brat - both father (Col) and mother (1st Lt). My mom was in the med corp and dad in the 5th Calvary. He was wounded in Italy in WWII, lost the lower left arm and took shrapple metal in the stomach. He met my mom in the VA hospital in San Antonio,Tx, which is where I was conceived though was born on Ft. Custer in Battle Creek, MI in Percy Jones Hospital (another VA hospital) Thus I tell everybody I am both in Viet Nam back in 71. I do have a great daughterfrom him that was born 4 months after we lost him. She is now in Colorado Springs, CO as of last Feb.

Okay, enough. Thank you so much for requesting the award. I am deeply honored to be associated with you and your site.

Blessings to you.

Light, Cassandra

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