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Thank you for the honors, gifts and awards that you have bestowed upon my websites. You have made this old sailor and retired soldier very happy. As they say now days you have made my day! The USS Oakland, USS Leonard F. Mason, Anti-aircraft Cruisers, Memorials, and my Ancestors websites have received more than 275 awards. to say it is a difficult job to keep track of them in different websites listings. So I have created a master listing of all the awards for all the websites. I have listed the awards alphabetically by name of the presenter. To view the wonderful awards click on box above. If you are displeased with the way I am displaying your awards please feel free to say so.


I have more than 75 special awards that are one of a kind, can not be applied for, brotherhoods and difficult to win. I wish that I could display all of the awards on my home pages but that is impossible. I would like to thank the wonderful people who have bestowed these honors upon my websites. I hope that you will have time to visit each of these websites as they are some of the best on the internet.


Presented to Henriott & Tabler Family Genealogy
18 March 2000 SFA#030

Lucie M. Consentino
Congratulations Paul, for the
wonderful web site that you have!
What a marvelous job you have done.

Scott E. Warren, Your site is wonderful.
I commend you for taking the time to
preserve your families history.

You have been awarded the Burke-Ansley
Award for being an Genealogy Site.
Congratulations for doing a great job.

From: "Barney and Shirley Fergus"
To: "Paul Henriott"
Subject: Congratulations Henriott Tabler family genealogy
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000

Congratulations Paul Henriott Tabler family genealogy

You have been selected to receive the Fergus Award of Excellence. Please get your award from:

Please visit and sign my Guestbook
Shirley Fergus
Genealogy for Dougherty,Fergus,Gaskins,
Orgel Ireland,Scotland,England,Germany

8 Feb 2000
Hello Paul,

We thank you for applying for one of our awards. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, unique graphic displays and invaluable content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the "Genealogy"award. The many hours of research that your site must have taken to develop, as with your other on-line offerings, shows you to be thorough in all endeavors. It must come from that NAVAL background. Best wishes on your future works. Please notify us when you have posted the award, and then we will add your site to our honour role. We only ask that you do not alter the award in any way, and that you link the award back to Nu-Horizons Design Studio at in order for to apply.


Ted Miller Awards Coordinator Nu-Horizons Design Studio

From: "SpiritWolf"
To: <
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000

Congratulations... Here is your Genealogy Spirit Award.. You have done a great job with

I can appreciate the work that goes into Gengealogy.. Have been working on my family for 3 years now.. and am about to publish my Family history Book for them.. Sue

Susie Wolfe

Thank you for applying for a Gizmotude Award. We visited your website, and are happy to present you with our Genie Award. The award graphic is attached to this message; if you display it on your website, please link it back to

May the 'tude be with you,

Susie and Gizmo

Cathy Pomroy

Marie Slough

The Our LeMay "A History Pick Award" Cannot Be Applied For. But Is Selected By The Webmaster For a worthy pick of a Genealogical/Historical Website.
Our Official Recommendation For A Website.

Two images of Tabler dwellings with newspaper clippngs.

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