Sad news for everyone who wants to see one of the gems of Frankfurt this summer. The Romer, the old town hall, will be wearing a dress for the rest of the summer. The effects of time, pollution and acid rain have decayed the old building to the point that it wouldn't be safe to let people in, if they didn't do something soon. This was one of the last photos of the town hall before restoration work started in June, and they expect to finish sometime in October 2004. As interesting as it's looks is the place's history. These houses were never built as an official town hall. That used to be were the cathedral tower now stands. This group of houses used to belong to wealthy merchants, who had a side business with a business men's lounge and bar. Traditionally Frankfurterish, this idea to buy the place came about one year when the royal election was supposed to take place, and the town hall had burnt to a crisp. But like all Frankfurter town fathers of yesterday and today, they didn't panic, they went into the nearby bar to gab about it, in a bar which was called "Zum Roumlmer"or "to the Romans".

Suddenly they came up with the great idea to buy the bar, the house and the neighbour's house, also a bar called "to the Golden Swan", and slap together a town hall worthy to have a party for the newly elected Holy Roman Emperor. That was in 1356. It was a good year for the Frankfurters to make a good impression on the guy getting elected Holy Roman Emperor. It this case it was Charles the Fourth from the House of Luxembourg.

Latest image after 2004 restoration

Oldest image 1595