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To the Former Officers and Crew of USS OAKLAND: 

On behalf of the Department of the Defense, I congratulate all who have served aboard USS OAKLAND (CL 95) for your service, professionalism and devotion 
to country.,

OAKLAND's active service was relatively brief, but it tested the ship and her 
crew to the utmost. Laid down before Pearl Harbor, OAKLAND was originally designed as a destroyer flotilla leader. When the Pacific Fleet went to war, Japanese aviation was quickly seen to be the principal menace to our naval forces. OAKLAND joined the Fleet in 1943 and it was assigned to duty with the fast carrier striking force, where her versatile dual-purpose main battery made her a potent antiaircraft weapon. As the carrier force led the way to the capture of one island objective after another, OAKLAND's accurate gunnery helped to defeat, powerful air attacks. The war won, OAKLAND brought combat veterans home and transitioned to passing on her hard-earned gunnery skills to the postwar Fleet before decommissioning in 1949.

Duty took OAKLAND from the Gilberts and Marshalls to Okinawa. It was altogether fitting that she was present in Tokyo Bay when World War II was brought to an end. Nine battle stars, including the epic actions of the Philippine
Sea and Leyte Gulf, are visible signs of the spirit of pride and honor that OAKLAND has bequeathed to all who follow in her wake.

Although OAKLAND is gone from the Fleet, as long as our, Nation and our Navy endure, she will remain part of our living legacy. Your traditions of leadership, operational excellence and service to America have contributed to victory in a world war, and have set a standard for those who have defended the peace 
through the years that have followed. Thank you for a job "Well Done!"


Richard Danzig 

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