Named: Oakland for the California city, the first man-of-war to bear the name.

Laid down: 15 July 1941 at Bethlehem Steel Co., San Francisco, California.

Launched: 23 October 1942, sponsored by Dr. Aurelia H. Reinhardt, President of Mills College, Oakland, California.

Commissioned: 17 July 1943.

Displacement: Full Load 8,500 tons Standard 6,000 tons, the smallest cruiser built since 1905.

Dimensions: She was 530' at the waterline and 541' 1/2" overall. with a beam 53' 3" and a draft 16' 6".

Propulsion: Boilers 4 GE Turbines 2 geared steam turbines Shafts 2 Horsepower 75,000 Max Speed 32.5 knots -- exceeded 35 knots.

Protection: Main Side Belt 1.1" to 3.5"(midship) Lower Side Belt N/A Deck Armour 1.2" maximum Turrets 1.2".

Radars: Air Search N/A Surface Search N/A Navigation N/A Fire Control N/A Sonars N/A.

Her armament was as follows:

12 - 5" 38 caliber dual purpose guns, placed in six twin mounts, arranged in echelon on the center of the ship, three forward and three aft.

24- 40mm Bofors, placed in twin mounts; 16 - 20 mm Oerlikons; and 8 - 21" torpedo tubes, in sets of 4 each, located on the main deck athwartship on the after director.

The Standard complement of the ship (wartime) was 590-680. We had a crew of 731 men and 43 officers aboard on 30 September 1944.

Bow 20 MM that turned out to be a wash out.

Mounts 53, 52, and 51

Two smoke sceen generaters and two racks of depth charges


Reclassified CLAA-95 on 18 March 1949

Decommissioned 01 July 1949

Struck from Navy list on 01 March 1959

Sold to Louis Simons on 01 December 59 for scrapping.


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