To: <> Sun, 22 Aug 1999 

Hi There, How have you been : as you will see I have been working very 
hard, and always have you on my mind and in my prayers. I do believe My 
mom goes to the site that you made daily, She loves the music and is trying 
very hard to learn this computer thing. Love Georgina

My Dear Georgina,
You have done a very good job with this webpage. You have learned very much in such a 
short time. I don't know if I am as good as you think I am. Thank you very much for all the 
good comments. I wish your mother the very best with this computer think it is worth the time.
Love you and God Bless.
~ Paul~



It my friend has been a long day, You have done the hardest parts for me. 

As I look up into the heavens I know my Dad is smiling down at me.

I then know as you, It was a great day, all because I met you. 

My Mother called today, she asked me if I knew, 

How my Dad would feel knowing that someone 

he had served in the war with. Was working so hard 

with his children, to do such a special thing for him..... 

She said he would have loved to had the

chance to have talked with you. 

there are Tears In Heaven 


You have earned your life... You have made a difference.

From: Georgina



I started receiving your web pages Memorial Day weekend from my sister, Georgina. I have enjoyed them all. My father (George E. Freeman) past away when I was only six years old, so I do not recall any of his military experiences if he talked about them. I really don't think that he talked about them at all. So I have enjoyed reading about the USS Oakland. It seems odd but I feel even closer to him. It's getting a piece of the past that I was unaware of.

My husband is stationed at Schofield Bks currently. We have been here for 2 yrs and he is currently the Chief Legal NCO. My husband and I have 4 children. Richard (7), Jacob (5) were born at Ft. Campbell, KY, Gabrielle (3) was born in Columbia, SC and Zachary (5 mths) was born here in HI at Tripler Army Hosp. To continue on, since we have been here I wondered what part my dad played in Pearl Harbor during WWII. My mother says that he was here during that time  and that he helped clean up the dead bodies. Do you have any input on this?

Seems like it's a small world. I enjoyed reading your personal web page. We ourselves are from KY (Covington, Burlington, Union, Independence areas). While my dad was living we also lived in New Castle, IN. That is where he  passed away in 1975. After that my mother moved us back to KY. I'm sure Georgina has told you some of this as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Christina (Freeman) Meacham 


Hello Mr. Henriott, Thank you very much for making the webpage for my dad. Georgina has told me that she is still sending you pictures of us. I really am not into computers like Georgina is. She is great at searching things out. I am glad she was able to find you. Just sending and receiving email is the extent of my knowledge. I don't have the patience she has. Again.

Thank you Sincerely, Linda (Freeman) Pinkerton



My sister has been sending us your website and I think it's wonderful. I have really enjoyed seeing this and hope to share it with our Mom. We were in Pearl Harbor 2yrs. ago with Mom and enjoyed seeing the place our father had been.

You are doing a wonderful job! thank you. My son Matthew enjoyed the webpage also, he is 5yrs old.

Take care,

Regina (Freeman) Kresnak 



I just got off the phone with my mother. She wanted me to relay something to you.

My father's last prayer was that all of his children be connected to the military. My mother wondered how this would happen for her girls. Woman in the military back then wasn't as common as it is now. Anyway, we married in to it.....

Georgina married Paul while he was still in the marine corps. Retired as a Major.

Ragina married Chris while he was in the marine corps and currently still is. E-8

Christina (myself) married Richard while he was in the army and currently still is. E-7

So, for my mother she feels like his prayer was answered in some way. : )  directly or indirectly.

Christina (Freeman) Meacham 


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