Comments on mounting camera:

Camera mounting pictures just for display purposes. I secured the servo wire in back of camera, ran the 6" servo extension wire from receiver to servo wire connection between wing and foam on wing saddle.

Did not have enough velcro to hold top&front of 1/4# stock, that may work out better than the black double-sided tape.

I cut the camera strap (string) in half and tied to front and rear wing hold down posts. (where rubber bands that hold down wing attach to) That really helped to secure top. The velcro or double sided tape helps to secure camera also, but was used mainly so there is no vibration.

White tape on Airtronics Transmitter shows switch used to operate servo on camera.

After camera is removed the only thing that is left on plane is the back part that the velcro sticks to under the wing. No holes in plane, camera can be mounted in 5 minutes.

Do not forget to open shutter, and turn on flash switch before take off.


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