you have touched
my heart and soul!"

This webpage is for you and your family.
It is a small payment for the difficult times
that you and your mother went through
without your father. Juanita, after searching
the internet for a day I have found the 
medals I believe your father may have been 
entitled to.

They are not the real medals that you can 
touch but I am sure that you and your 
family will enjoy them just the same.

To your father 
you never knew!

Dear Paul,

My Father, GM3c Marvin Lee Gattis, was on the USS JUNEAU. I just saw this
wonderful sight the memorial to the USS JUNEAU,
and God only knows how touching this was for me. A flow of warm tears, but
happy ones, to have had the opportunity to see this.  [I] never got to know my
father but he  lives within my heart. I was only one year old, but I well remember the hell we had growing up without a Father. I feel as though I received a hug, when I saw this sight.  I have added this to my list of favorites.

We never received my Dad's medals. I do hope I can get them soon. Any help
would be so appreciated. My Mom passed away 3 years ago this month. It is up
to me to get them and I will treasure them.

Thank you and all that made this possible. I will look at this everyday. Bless You.

Nita Harris

Dear Paul,

I was so very happy to hear from you. I was lost for the right words to express
my gratitude for all the time and effort you have put into helping me. If I never
get these medals, I will not be a loser, because having the great opportunity of
knowing people as yourself really care about us. Thanks so much Paul for all the
time and effort. I only wish the military had the compassion that some of you
have. I love all of you that have not forgotten and will never forget the Price Of

God loves you and so do I.

Juanita (Gattis) Harris           GM3c Marvin Lee Gattis


A gunner's mate
must have a
5 inch 38 cal dual purpose turret
or gun mount to
fire and maintain.

Fire one round

Navy Hymn

In The Garden

Because He Lives

You'll Never Walk Alone

GM3c Marvin Lee Gattis's


Purple Heart Medal

Combat Action Ribbon

American Defense Medal

American Theater 
of Operations Medal

Theater Medal

World War II
Victory Medal


To the GM3c Marvin Lee Gattis's family
I would like to thank GM3c Marvin Lee Gattis for the service to his country.
The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal was the turning point of the war
although at the time we did not realize it. It turned a Japanese advancement
into the Japanese withdrawal back to their homeland. It took two year and
10 months more of hard and painful fighting to make them surrender.
May Marvin and his shipmates rest in eternal peace.

Requiescat in pace!

GM3c Marvin Lee Gattis
Daisy Cornelius
(Jordan) (Gattis) Skipper

May they rest in peace!

The war was rough on everyone,
but waiting and not knowing the fate
of their beloved sailor or soldier made the war
especially hard on the people back home.
Most were waiting for the letters to arrive
with the news they did not want to read about.
Losing a husband and father was exceptionally
difficult in those families with children.
Mothers had to cope with their own devastating loss
and, at the same time, help their children deal with
a death they couldn't understand.
I hope and pray this page will help bring you the closure
that you have been seeking all these years.

Gold Star Orchid

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